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Why You Should Purchase A Sintered Stone Table For Your Home

There are many options to choose from online furniture in Singapore when considering table top options for your home. Common options include granite, marble, and glass; however a new option is available in the form of sintered stone. Attractive, robust, and eco-friendly, sintered stone is growing in popularity amongst many younger homeowners. Read on to find out more about sintered stone dining tables and the benefits they bring to your home.

What is sintered stone?

Sintered stone is a stone-based material that is often crafted to resemble other materials, ranging from tiling to natural stones and other common features. It gets its name from sintering, which is the process of fusing materials into a solid piece through intense heat. It utilises raw materials such as minerals and stone particles in porcelain and granite, compacting them through heat, compression, and vibrations.

Sintered stone dining tables are growing in popularity against traditional options, such as granite and quartz-topped tables. It also comes in a variety of hues and colours, making them an aesthetically pleasing option for many homes. Sintered stone is also often used to craft kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, as well as flooring.

What are the advantages of a sintered stone topped table?

Sintered stone brings a huge range of advantages to your home. Here are some of them.

1. Durable

Sintered stone offers great fire, heat, and cold resistance, allowing you to directly place hot pots and pans onto its surface without causing any long lasting damage. It is also stain and scratch resistant, making it easy to clean and upkeep while still remaining asthetically pleasing. In addition, it is water-proof as well, preventing it from absorbing spills and spoiling its integrity and looks.

2. Recyclable

Made from an all-natural composition, sintered stone tops are 100% recyclable, not releasing any toxic chemicals upon exposure to fire during decomposition. They also contain no crystalline silica in their construction as well as no inks and dyes, making them a great choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner when purchasing online furniture in Singapore.

3. Family-Friendly

With its all-natural, chemical-free construction, sintered stone dining tables offer a non-toxic and radiation free option for your family. Its non-porous design also makes it food safe, reducing germs and bacteria growth and allowing you to place food in direct contact with it. It can even be used as a makeshift surface for food preparation, although cutting boards are still highly recommended.

How does sintered stone compare to other table types?

Sintered stone is often compared against other material types used for making designer furniture in Singapore, such as quartz and granite. Both quartz and sintered stone are both hard and non-porous options that do not easily stain. However, quartz often comes at a higher price and often has man-made elements, such as pigments and resin binders; while sintered stone is fully composed of natural minerals and has greater options for patterns and colours.

Tops such as marble and granite are made from a single stone, making their design more unique compared to sintered stone. Marble offers less hardness compared to sintered stone, while granite has higher porosity, making sintered stone dining tables an overall more hardy, durable, and affordable solution to one’s home.

Looking for quality designer furniture in Singapore? Visit Star Living today to see our collection of sintered stone products.

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4 Key Questions To Ask When Choosing Home Office Furniture

With the rise of work-from-home arrangements in Singapore, many homeowners are starting to realize that their existing room layouts aren’t the most conducive for long-term work. Perhaps you too are looking to set up your own home office in a bid to improve your work efficiency and comfort as well. But before you rush to order online furniture in Singapore, such as office chairs and study tables, here are 4 key questions to ask yourself that will make your planning a smoother affair.

1. What style do I want for my space? 

One’s choice of furniture impacts how they express themselves, and your choice of home office furniture is no different. For study tables in Singapore, most people choose between wood for a classy and timeless style, with its polished grain and smooth exterior. Others prefer the sleek lines and minimal colors of high gloss tables that often come in monochromatic colors, allowing them to decorate to their own preferences.

For office chairs in Singapore, most people choose between colored upholstery and transparent mesh with additional lumbar support, as well as swivel and armrest options. While office chairs tend to be more functional in terms of ergonomics, they can still complement the style you desire, particularly with the color scheme you decide to go for. Take some time to browse online furniture catalogues in Singapore and see which pieces of furniture complement each other.

2. How long will I be working each day? 

Everyone has different work-from-home arrangements. Some people may return to their offices for a day or two each week, while others may work entire months from home. For prolonged periods at home, comfort is absolutely essential, helping you to keep proper posture, good health, and morale, as you work through the week and sometimes through the weekends.

It is important to choose office chairs in Singapore that offer proper ergonomics, such as good lumbar support and height adjustment. In addition, a proper study table of comfortable height and space goes a long way to helping you work in comfort and maintain your proper posture, while also giving you sufficient workspace for administrative work.

3. Do I have sufficient space?

For many Singaporeans, living space is always at a premium. This is particularly so for families where multiple people are working from home, making a dedicated home office a difficult affair. In such cases, most people convert their bedrooms into home offices, buying proper office chairs and study tables for their Singaporean setups.

It is important to pick compact and multi-purpose pieces of furniture for your home office. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as picking office chairs with swivel features and proper cushion support for comfortable reading or watching shows after work, or a properly spacious study table that allows you to use your laptop while making room for an additional monitor screen for work purposes.

4. What color scheme should I adopt?

Colors are known to confer various benefits, ranging from improved mood, increased productivity, as well as comfort and energy levels. This is particularly important since home offices are smaller in size, as well as having less engagement with colleagues, which can significantly influence work performance over time.

Some examples of color usage include white to promote focus and efficiency, orange for increasing energy levels and yellow for positivity, and the popular choices of green for focus and blue for productivity. Smartly utilizing these colors to boost your productivity doesn’t have to require drastic painting of your whole room. Instead, consider purchasing office chairs in Singapore with the upholstery colors you desire or decorating your study table with green plants and other appealing ornaments that you can gaze at every now and then.

Visit Star Living today to see our full range of online furniture in Singapore, crafted to bring out the best in your home office.

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Why Every Apartment Should Have A Shoe Cabinet Or Shoe Rack

Footwear is a constant of every household, and with the constant sales in Singapore it’s no wonder that many households have stocked up on them. But instead of piling them up in your storeroom or just placing them in a clump near your entrance, consider utilising both shoe cabinets and shoe racks to spruce up your Singapore home. Read on to learn more about the benefits they bring.

1. They keep your home area tidy.

For convenience’ sake, many people choose to ‘park’ their shoes at the entrance of their home. While it can be easier than taking the time to properly place them on shoe racks or into shoe cabinets, it can get rather unsightly and messy when entertaining large groups of people - just see the sprawling footwear that happens during family visits on public holidays.

In addition, our shoes accumulate a lot of dirt from walking about, and none of us want to bring harmful germs and bacteria into our homes as well. Particularly in this period where hygiene and cleanliness is key, both shoe racks and shoe cabinets help Singaporean homes to be both clean and tidy. They offer convenient sorting of footwear based on function, such as for exercise, formal events, or casual walking; to sorting based on each family member’s own shoe ownership. Smaller families may consider shoe racks to save space while still enjoying a clutter-free layout.

2. They enhance your interior design.

Many Singaporean families prefer to leave shoe cabinets outside to save space inside their homes, but shoe cabinets can also be placed right inside the entrance of your house, and tastefully chosen to complement your living room layout. Modern shoe cabinets come in a wide variety of colours, finishings, and sizes; making it easy to find the right one to complement your style.

Shoe cabinet construction options in Singapore range from classic wooden construction with wood veneer, hinged doors, and multiple boards to place your footwear, to a sleek glossy finish with sliding doors and mirrors mounted on them. They go great with various layouts, be it a homely, rustic wooden layout, or a chic and modern minimalist design. You can also add a seating area to allow visitors to take off and put on their footwear in comfort as well.

3. They protect your precious footwear.

For the fashionistas with a pair of footwear for almost every occasion, a quality shoe cabinet in Singapore helps to protect your precious collection from sunlight and pests, which can damage the fabric or leather of footwear. Humidity is also a major concern, particularly in tropical Singapore, which can deform shoes and make them unsightly and unwearable.

Open-storage options, such as shoe racks in Singapore, can help to facilitate evaporation of water from damp leather or fabric shoes, helping to improve their longevity. When choosing a shoe cabinet, it helps to find one with ventilation holes, to allow improved air circulation while reducing the accumulation of dust on them. You can also store your everyday shoes neatly at the entrance, while placing shoes that you use for special occasions in shoe cabinets to save space and reduce clutter.

Looking to purchase quality shoe racks and cabinets in Singapore for your home? Visit Star Living today to view our full collection.

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5 Essential Furniture Every Book Lover’s Home Must Have

As we stay indoors during this period, more people are returning to the timeless pastime of reading physical books at home. Books provide incredible diversity, be it an engaging story or expanding one’s knowledge. But collecting and curating one’s book selection is just half the fun; it’s also about savoring it from the comfort of one’s home. Here are 5 essential furniture, ranging from study tables to armchairs, that should be in every Singapore book lover’s home.

1. Study Tables

Many Singapore homes lack the space for a dedicated reading room, with bedrooms or study rooms being used for reading instead. Study tables offer all-around versatility for Singapore homes, providing a place to work efficiently from home or to surf the Internet, while doubling up as a comfortable reading place during your leisure time. They are often constructed from wood or plastic and come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to pick a design that best complements your style.

In addition, study tables are great for reading heavy hardcover books, which can get hefty when balancing on your lap for extended periods. Combine it with a comfortable office seat  and a good book, and you are set for a restful weekend of reading!

2. Armchairs

The quintessential companion of book lovers across the globe, armchairs are a popular sight in Singaporean homes too. While Singaporeans may not have a fireplace to sit alongside, armchairs are always a plus when resting indoors during rainy drowsy days. Armchairs come in both leather and fabric options, with a wide range of cooler, cushion options and designs.

In addition to providing proper back support while reading, armchairs also provide an armrest, allowing you to get comfortable as you immerse yourself in your book. Plus, armchairs are great for afternoon naps.

3. Bookcases

Part of the enjoyment of reading and collecting books is choosing how to display them, and that’s where bookcases come into play. Combining aesthetics and practicality, bookcases help book lovers arrange by genre and series, be it a series of novels or an encyclopedic collection.

Many book lovers go the distance to spruce up their bookcases with additional touches, such as placing mementos, photo frames, as well as custom-made bookends. Besides showcasing their personality, these decorations help them reinforce the theme of the whole space, including their furniture choices such as study tables and armchairs too.

4. Coffee Tables

Often seen as just a place for putting both food and magazines, coffee tables go beyond just aesthetics. There are many solid coffee tables for sale, coming in a wide variety of options such as glass, wood, and plastic. They often have drawers for placing books that you’re currently reading, as well as providing a convenient place for you to place food and drinks. Take a break in both comfort and style as you dive into a good book.

5. Sofas 

Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary affair either. Comfortable sofas are perfect for curling up with not just a good book, but with your children as well. Made from either leather or fabric, sofas are a popular alternative to armchairs due to their versatility for hosting guests and watching shows, and complement coffee tables as well. Besides, with the numerous benefits that reading brings to children, it’s ideal to start exposing them early to reading.

Looking to build a cozy reading space? Star Living is offering a $50 instant rebate for every $1000 you spend for a limited period from 11 to 22 Nov 2020 only! Terms & conditions apply.

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Redesigning A Living Room

We admire those perfectly designed living room spaces in interior design websites and magazines. Perhaps you’ve decided to breath a fresh look into your home, starting with your living room. Before you rush to throw out your living room furniture and order new pieces in Singapore, here are 5 questions to consider before you start to redesign your living room.

1. Will my furniture fit my home layout?

Many of us make the common mistake of assuming that our new living room will look exactly the same as those in interior design shots, particularly after we have purchased some hand-crafted designer furniture in Singapore. In reality, there are many unstated constraints, such as the fixed position of walls and windows and your general floor area, that will affect the arrangement of your living room furniture.

Other things to consider include size constraints. The last thing you want to do is purchase an elegant sofa, only to find that it cannot fit through the front door or doesn’t match your living room wall’s dimensions. To avoid this, consult your floorplan or physically measure the various dimensions in your living room.

2. What additional redesigning will I require? 

Redesigning your living room isn’t just purchasing furniture online in Singapore, but often comes along with the need to add a new coat of paint to your walls, or replacing the flooring in your living room. In addition, you might want to add new art decorations for your walls, or a tasteful rug to complement your new layout.

You will need to factor in how these various elements complement each other, particularly if you are planning a drastic style change, such as changing from a rustic and warm feel to a minimalist and sleek design.

3. How long will the redesign take?

According to regulations in Singapore, renovation works such as moving in living room furniture and floor tiling can only be done from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, as well as on Saturdays (excluding PHs). With a family member being needed to allow access and supervise the works, families that are out for work on weekdays may find their redesigning timeline extended for a good while.

Try to inform and seek the understanding of your neighbours too, particularly those working from home or stay home for prolonged periods, such as mothers who have just given birth or senior citizens. Do note that there is a limit to how long renovation works are allowed to continue, so plan your living room redesign accordingly.

4. How much professional support will I need?

Redesigning requires a lot of professional support. It includes movers to move and assemble your new designer furniture, as well as shift out your unwanted furniture. It also includes painters, flooring contractors, and even electrical technicians for a complete overhaul.

This may lead to heightened costs that go beyond the price tags of your furniture, so it is recommended to check your budget and ensure that you can afford the redesigning fees. They can range from below $1000 to tens of thousands, depending on furniture choice and how extensive your redesign is.

5. How will it impact my family?

Don’t forget to consider the impact that redesigning may have on your family. This is particularly essential for those with children or older family members, where adding in new living room furniture and renovation works can cause much stress and challenges to adapt.

Children are often accustomed to familiarity, and the arrival of strangers and unfamiliar furniture may stress them and cause anxiety. Senior family members may similarly find loud noises and shifting of furniture stressful.

Ready to redesign? For a limited period from 11 to 22 Nov 2020, Star Living is offering $50 instant rebate for every $1000 you spend! See our full collection of online furniture in Singapore today. Terms & conditions apply.

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5 Important Reasons For You To Invest In Your Furniture

With countless furniture options available, many homeowners are considering high quality designer furniture in Singapore, bringing both form and function to their homes. Some homeowners may hesitate due to the higher prices commanded by these pieces, compared to more mass-market, competitively priced furniture options. Here are 5 reasons why investing in quality designer furniture could be a better investment for you in the long run.

1. You enjoy the quality of designer furniture

This principle holds for numerous things in life, and quality furniture is no different. When buying a piece of designer furniture in Singapore, you are paying for far more durable and long-lasting materials, exemplary craftsmanship through hand-carved, individual pieces, as well as appealing aesthetics and colours. House-proud homeowners who prioritise quality and individuality would do well to purchase designer furniture, as compared to mass-market retail furniture pieces.

2. You enjoy enhanced comfort

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of your sofa after a tiring day, and none of us want to slump into an uncomfortable sofa after a long day working at a computer, or ruining your movie night due to stiff seating. Designer furniture in Singapore is crafted with higher-grade fabrics and padding, as well as being designed with greater ergonomics, such as being sculpted to fit usual body contours. They also provide support to various muscles groups, aiding in stress relief and releasing tension while helping you to fully relax and unwind.

3. You save in the long run

Designer furniture in Singapore comes at a premium, but delivers a prolonged lifespan too, helping you save more. Cheap furniture often falls apart after a few years, or through prolonged material strain by children and pet’s rough and vigorous play. The lifespan of a sofa largely depends on the material and the maintenance rendered. Naturally, designer furniture is made with carefully sourced materials as compared to furniture that is manufactured in bulk. This can ensure that the furniture you buy is of the highest quality! Ultimately, it will still largely depend on how you maintain your sofa.

4. Your health is priceless

While quality furniture pieces may cost more, we all agree that you can’t put a price on health. Studies have shown that quality furniture improves health in numerous ways. Some benefits are more tangible, such as improved back posture and leg support from well-crafted living room furniture, promoting healthier living while still enjoying comfort. Other health benefits are less direct but equally valuable, such as enhanced psychological health through expressing one’s personality and creativity, as well as improved self-esteem, especially when guests compliment on the tasteful aesthetics of one’s home.

5. You can potentially make a profit

Well-crafted furniture can be a potential source of financial investment too. Furniture that stays durable for ages, such as hardwood living room furniture, can sell for a similar if not slightly lesser than its retail price, particularly for vintage pieces that appear almost brand new. Taking time to maintain a routine of cleaning and polishing, as well as proper removal of dirt and stains, will go a long way to impeccable maintaining of your furniture - which will pay handsomely if you plan to sell them upon renovation or moving to another home.

Interested in choosing the finest furniture for your home? Visit Star Living to see our full range of online designer furniture in Singapore.

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Upkeeping Your Sofa: 5 Tips On Prolonging Your Sofa’s Life

We take care of our prized possessions, and our sofas should be no different. As the single most expensive piece of furniture in your living room, our sofas experience constant wear and tear, and deserve proper care to prolong their lifespan. Be it leather sofas or fabric ones, here are 5 tips to make the most out of your sofa purchase, helping you and your family enjoy it for the years to come.

1. Learn some handy cleaning tricks

There are many cleaning tips to help your sofa stay in tip-top condition. They range from applying both leather cleaner and leather protector to maintain a firm and shiny exterior for your leather sofa, utilizing absorbent cloths to soak up spills, and tackling stains with a variety of different chemicals, from lukewarm water to alcohol and glycerin. Equally importantly, you should also strive to maintain a regular cleaning routine for your sofa, keeping it tidy with a weekly wipe down and doing a more thorough cleaning after heavier use, such as after having guests over.

2. Vacuum your sofa frequently

Just because we can’t see dust and dirt, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Many Singaporeans will regularly vacuum carpets and floors, but forget to vacuum their fabric and leather sofas. This allows dust, dirt, and germs to accumulate not just within sofa gaps, but also on the fabric itself. For homeowners who use a sofa bed to sleep, or have young children with allergies, this can lead to a poorer quality of life. You should aim to vacuum your sofa every few weeks, or whenever you are also vacuuming the rest of your home as well.

3. Reduce your sofa’s exposure to sunlight

Singapore is a hot and humid country, and many of us leave the windows and blinds open to allow for better airflow. However, UV rays from sunlight are incredibly damaging to fabric and leather sofas, breaking down the chemical bonds and causing them to fade in color and appear bleached. Try to use blinds and curtains when you’re not using your sofa, or consider tinting your windows to reduce the amount of UV light entering your home. Alternatively, arrange your sofa so that it stays out of range of direct sunlight from the windows.

4. Avoid eating messy food and drinks

It can be tempting to lounge and watch shows from your sofa bed or leather sofa, but for sugary drinks and crumbly snacks, try to leave them at the dining table, or eat them at your coffee table. A careless spill or unconsciously wiping your hands on the sofa fabric can lead to unsightly stains and smells, making it both a hassle to clean and remove, as well as breeding bacterial growth and potentially causing unpleasant odors.

5. Schedule a professional deep cleaning

General sofa maintenance only goes so far. Calling in trained professionals with proper equipment ensures that your sofa gets a proper deep cleaning with powerful chemicals. Ideally, you should aim to arrange for a cleaning once or twice every few years, however this may be increased to two or three times yearly if you have pets or young children in your home.

Visit Star Living today and see our comprehensive online sofa collection in Singapore.

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The Most Common Mistakes When Shopping for Sofa Furniture

Shopping and planning for your new home is undoubtedly an exciting affair. Beyond showcasing your creativity and style, it’s fun to host your friends in the comfort of your own living room. That said, many Singapore homeowners often get carried away as they shop online for sofas, leading to many common mistakes.

With sofas being the priciest furniture in your living room, we’re here to share some common mistakes to help you make the right choice while minimizing your likelihood of a regret purchase.

1. Not checking for a proper fit

One of the most common things that homeowners overlook, your dream sofa set has to first fit in your living room! Modern sofas come in various shapes and sizes, and with Singapore apartments growing more compact, it is critical to ensure your sofa can fit into your living room by considering the floor plan and layout, along with its placement against your other furniture.

But that’s not all! There are numerous things to consider when measuring the dimensions of a sofa, such as whether the sofa can be dismantled and reassembled in your flat, whether it can fit in the elevator, and then through your front door. A good way to avoid this is to visit a showroom in Singapore, or enquiring for more details as you shop online for your sofa.

2. Not testing before buying

Style and aesthetics are lovely, but a comfortable sofa is essential. After all, no one wants to crash onto a hard sofa after a tiring day’s work, especially when a good sofa lasts you for years. Many Singapore homeowners view their sofas online and commit to purchasing simply because they find the visuals attractive or at their friends’ recommendations, only to find that it is not as firm or cushy as they like.

This is especially important, for long-duration use of sofas, such as binge-watching your favorite television show. To avoid this, we highly encourage visiting a showroom and testing it out for yourself.

3. Not considering individual needs

Too often, new homeowners purchase sofa furniture simply because it is aesthetically pleasing, or based on their friends’ recommendations. The truth is that each Singapore home has its own unique concerns - from a family member being sensitive to allergens, to have young kids and pets in the house. The type of sofa choice matters greatly in having a pleasant sofa experience across the years.

A common contrast is between fabric and leather sofas, each with their pros and cons. Fabric sofas offer a greater variety of colors, but maybe less resistant to scratches and spills by young kids and pets. A leather sofa withstands more punishment, but is often considered less soft and cushy and requires more upkeep.

4. Not considering multi-purpose sofas

While sofas are chiefly for comfy seating, that doesn’t have to be their only purpose. For example, sofa beds are growing in popularity for Singapore homes, due to their multi-purpose nature of doubling up as a bed. They offer space savings, provide a spare place for guests to rest, or even replace beds for the budget-conscious - perfect for young couples who prefer a modern living room.

Looking for the ideal sofa for your living room? Visit Star Living today and see our online collection of sofas in Singapore.

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5 Tips on How to Ensure Your Wooden Furniture Lasts

people eating in a wooden dining table

A wooden furniture’s eternal beauty and robust quality are what make them so appealing to homeowners. Whether it is carved in the form of chair or bed frames, in Singapore, it is widely adored because it gives an unmatched richness that makes it worthy despite its high value. By following the right level of maintenance for your wooden furniture, you would be able to make them last for your family’s next generations to use and enjoy.

In this article, you will learn effective tips on how to ensure the longevity of your wooden furniture and be able to pass it down as a treasured heirloom! 

1. Place it away from sunlight

When timber is exposed to heat, it will expand. This occurrence is called thermal expansion which will cause the warping, swelling, and possible shrinkage of your wooden furniture. You can help prevent this process by placing it away from direct sunlight as the light and heat can also cause fading of wood.

2. Dust and clean it regularly

If you have bought a chest of drawers, then you should include its interior when you are dusting it because it is not protected from airborne particles. Over time the particles can build a layer on the wood that can scratch its exteriors. Weekly dusting and necessary cleaning will keep this buildup of dust at bay. Just remember to dust using a soft, lint-free cloth and never use spirit-based cleaners.

3. Avoid using soaps or chemical cleaning agent

Today’s commercial polishers and sprays for wooden furniture include damaging ingredients like petroleum distillates or silicone oil. This is not suited for wooden furniture like your bed frame from Singapore because inhaling them can cause harmful health conditions. It is recommended to clean with a cloth slightly damped in natural water. Avoid the use of soap or any chemical cleaning agent. Do not forget the legs too!

4. Add another surface protection

For better maintenance, you should consider adding another layer of protection for the surface of your wooden dinner and study table. You can cover it with a tablecloth to protect it from absorbing watermarks from cold and hot drinks. Alternatively, you can also incorporate placemats/coasters to prevent rings marks from developing on the surface of its natural wood grain!

5. Know first-aid repairs

Although prevention is key in giving your beloved wooden dinner table a long life, accidents can still occur. Thus, it would be handy to know some first-aid repair response in cases like:

  • Nail polish - blot the spill, then rub it with fine steel wool you can find in hardware stores. Wipe it with a cloth that has a small amount of the wax you regularly use.
  • Gum - the bottom of your chest of drawers could fall victim to these incidents so hold an ice cube against it to harden the gum, then peel it with a fingernail.
  • Water ring marks - cover the stain with a clean blotter, then press it down with warm iron until it is gone. Other options include rubbing it with salad oil or white toothpaste.
  • Cigarette burns - immediately rubbing it with scratch-concealing polish or with a salad oil is an effective way to make the burn mark disappear from any surface of the wood like your bed frames.

Of course, all of these would be achievable if you follow the steps above.

So, are you ready to commit to a vigorous task of preserving a possible treasured heirloom? Explore the varieties of wooden dinner tables we have on our website to get you started today!

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Debunking 5 Myths About Sofas and Couches

White couch sofa

Mythologies about furniture have always been part of your literature textbooks and animated films. In them, you have probably gathered some stories about leathered sofas and couches that might have even intimidated you in buying one for yourself. Well, this article will provide you with some relief by debunking the existing myths about living room furniture, especially the sofas you see in online Singapore stores!

1. Sofas and couches get thirsty

When you were a child you probably thought that the professional cleaners are giving your couch some soap and water so they can be hydrated. It must be embarrassing to know that it was not what they were doing after all because they were actually cleaning it. While “quenching their thirst” has good intentions, you should not let water or colored drinks spill on your couch or your sofa bed because it could damage it. Also, allow it to be professionally cleaned once or twice a year only.

2. You should get an “anti-claw” type if you have pets

As good as it sounds to have an “anti-claw” sofa so you could cuddle with your cat whenever you want, it just isn’t true. These types of sofas only have a smooth fabric that is less attractive for your pets. For pet-friendly sofas, leather has always been a good choice since it would be hard for the claws to penetrate its surface. Consider getting one that has legs made of aluminum to avoid it being a scratching post.

3. Leather sofas are too high maintenance

This is a false statement as you would not have to worry about buying special solutions to clean a genuine leather sofa. It does not mean that they are low-maintenance either because you have to make an effort to clean them regularly. Daily dusting could be helpful too if you have pets living with you. Other than that, you can rely on its long lifespan and enjoy its leather appeal that adds aesthetic to your space.

 4. Getting a corner sofa takes up more space

You must have seen this in televisions when they show bachelor pads because they look big when it is the opposite. In a dense country like Singapore, corner sofa beds are homeowners’ treasure because it allows them to have more space to sit on (or sleep on).

 5. A new, quality sofa does not smell

Last but not least, it is a common misconception that new upholstered furniture like leather sofas should not have odors. Well, this is not always true especially if you have a leather sofa, the natural delightful robust smell of the leather is what you have paid for and if the legs of the sofa are made of natural timbre, then you could expect the smell of conifers. This is nothing to be worried about as the smell will disappear within five days and you can enjoy your new couch!

Where should you buy a new sofa?

Now that you possess more profound knowledge about sofas and couches, you have more confidence in knowing which online sofa stores in Singapore to trust. With STAR Living’s wide selection of leather sofas and sofa beds, you would be able to utilize what you have learned here.

Take your time to explore and examine the wide selection of sofas and couches that we have available on our website today!

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