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  • 5 Must Haves Inside Your Bedroom
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5 Must Haves Inside Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place where you can unwind and relax. A cozy sanctuary where you can escape from the rest of the world. Having the right furniture and items in your bedroom can make the difference between feeling rejuvenated after a long day of work or feeling drained.

For most of us, our bedroom is the heart of the home. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. Cozying up with a good book, a movie, a partner. An inviting bedroom should have a few necessary things. Following the latest trends or buying the entire set of matching furniture from online furniture shops in Singapore can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be if you set up your priorities. The number one rule is to follow your heart. The bedroom should relax you and provide you with much-needed rest. So, here are some must-haves for your needs.

1. A Mattress that suits you

Having a comfy bed to come home to at the end of the day is vital and getting a good night’s rest makes for a positive effect on your mood the next day. To make your bed the coziest place in your home, you will need to find a mattress that suits your physical and sleeping needs. Keep in mind that you should not be depending on the word of the mouth when it comes to mattress either. To some people, a spring-foam mattress works best and to some, a memory foam mattress is better. Also, you need to consider if you are sleeping alone in a bed or not because that determines the size of the mattress that you should buy.

2. A bed frame that would support you

Probably one of the first things you should get after your mattress, of course, is a bed frame. While having your bed lay on the floor is not necessarily a bad thing (depending on what type of mattress you have), mattresses (especially spring ones) are meant to breathe through a spring box above the ground to prevent any moldy situations. Buying a bed frame can help with this issue. If you don't want to buy a single bed frame, why not try to get a queen-sized bed frame that can match your grand mattress or one that has extra storage. You know, extra storage is always a win.

3. Bedside table(s)

Every bed needs a bedside table, or even better, if you have space, you should get two. They don’t have to match, or even technically, they don’t need to be the tables. Many items can have the same purpose. But, grown-up bedrooms usually have some type of furniture piece next to beds, and they aren’t only there to provide a visual anchor. A bedside table is a very useful piece where you can deposit all the things you use just before sleeping. It offers a surface to hold lamps, reading materials, smartphones, and many other things.

4. Chest of Drawers

If there ever was a multi-purpose piece of furniture for your bedroom, a chest of drawers it is. It can be tall and narrow with lots of drawers on top of each other or short and wide with drawers side-by-side. It can be small enough to serve as a nightstand or large enough to hold a whole season of clothes.  Yes, there are other storage furniture pieces for your bedroom but nothing is as versatile as a chest of drawers. Buying a chest of drawers in Singapore can either serve as a decorative piece or provide lots of extra storage space wherever you need it. On the outside, it's an interesting aesthetic piece that occupies a large wall and adds volume to your space. On the inside, it's a great storage space for you.

5. Sofa beds

Sofa beds are practical mostly because you never know when an extra guest or two might sleepover and it’s always great to be prepared, just in case. However, the reason why sofa beds in Singapore are recommended by most interior designers is its functionality. If you always find yourself working in your bed, having a sofa bed allows you to compartmentalize things and separate work from sleep. Leaving more opportunities to be more productive.

Investing in your bedroom furniture is something you should consider

The environment of your bedroom can help you relax and make you happy. Whether you are renovating your bedroom furniture or moving to a new apartment, buying these pieces will help transform your bedroom to be the cozy room it should be.

For more bedroom pieces must-haves like a good bed frame in Singapore for you, check out more on our website and let our experts help you with your needs.

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    Star Living