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  • A Useful Guide To Choosing A Coffee Table For Your Home
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A Useful Guide To Choosing A Coffee Table For Your Home

Choosing a coffee table for your home actually requires a lot of thought and matching; it isn’t just a matter of picking a small yet functional coffee table that will fit into your living room. There are many beautifully designed coffee tables for sale in Singapore, and taking the time to select the right one to match your living room furniture can make a significant difference in your home interior.

Things To Take Note Of When Picking A Coffee Table

1. Height

The ideal coffee table for your living room should be one of a reasonable height, nothing too tall, and nothing too short. When your coffee table is too low, it becomes difficult to reach and yet when it is too tall, it becomes an eyesore as it blocks your TV console and the other features of your living room furniture.

Choose a coffee table that is of the same height as your sofa seat or one to two inches lower for a comfortable living room set-up.

2. Proportion

Your coffee table should not be longer than your sofa or any of your living room furniture, as this can make your living room appear odd and cramped. Instead, choose a coffee table that is about two-thirds the size of your sofa, or even smaller, to free up extra space and keep the proportions balanced.

3. Your needs and preferences

The most important thing is to select a coffee table that you and your family like, one that can complement your lifestyle comfortably. If you don’t frequently use your coffee table, then it’s safe to get an inexpensive and small one, but if it’s where you do a lot of work, have your breakfast and enjoy a cup of tea, then an appropriately sized one with lift-up function and storage space would make perfect sense.

To avoid injury, choose round coffee tables or those with rounded edges if you have elderly or children in your home. If you require hypoallergenic coffee tables, opt for those made of man-made materials because they are non-porous and will not trap bacteria and dust.

Matching A Coffee Table To Interior Design

Many coffee tables for sale come in a variety of designs and styles; matching one to your interior design can be a daunting task, but here are some tips on what features you should look out for, as well as a few of our recommendations.

A. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian interior design style prioritises simplicity and functionality; therefore, when picking out a coffee table for a Scandinavian home, make sure it is of a simple design and complements the rest of your living room furniture. The coffee table should be functional and serve its purpose.

Scandinavian-style furniture typically comes in a variety of designs and finishes; it can have a wooden finish or be a solid white colour; matching it to the rest of your furniture is not difficult as most living room furniture in Singapore that matches the Scandinavian style is readily available here. We recommend the Lottie-N Coffee Table, a coffee table with a white wash ash veneer top that is great for Scandinavian homes especially those with darker tones. If you prefer lighter colours, the Pixel Coffee Table is a good option.

B. Modern-industrial

The modern-industrial style arose as a result of the conversion of old barns, warehouses, and industrial buildings into living spaces. It makes use of distressed and raw wood elements, exposed bricks, and cement finishes. The colours used in modern-industrial style homes are typically darker and warmer.

We recommend the Reference-N Coffee Table, Tanner Coffee Table, or Crate Functional Coffee Table as they have darker colours and a more raw appearance compared to others.

C. Modern Luxury

The Modern Luxury interior design style is a highly popular style in Singapore, adored by many Singaporeans of all generations. It is a sophisticated interior design style that incorporates clean lines and bold statement pieces. Colours used in Modern Luxury interiors are a combination of neutrals inspired by the Modern design, and bold luxurious colours such as emeralds, and metals such as rose gold and gold.

Balance the look of your home and make use of your coffee table to create a comfortable and elegant space. Having stone and natural elements like Marble gives off a bolder, more elegant look. We recommend getting the Craig Coffee Table, which has a three-toned marble foil coated top and black powder coated legs, or the Eevee Coffee Table, which features a round marble foil coated top and a round black powder coated base.

Many coffee tables for sale are appropriate for most interiors, depending on how they are styled. Coffee tables can be the focal point of your living room, or they can blend in with the rest of your furnishings. If choosing one is too difficult, match your coffee table to your TV console and you should be fine. Shop for beautiful living room furniture in Singapore from our carefully curated collection.


  • Post author
    Star Living