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  • Dining Benches VS Dining Chairs: What Should I Choose?
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Dining Benches VS Dining Chairs: What Should I Choose?

Dining Bench vs Dining Chair

Dining bench versus dining chair; this dilemma is something that many of us would not have expected to face, especially because both benches and chairs serve the same purpose. Despite the fact that they are essentially the same thing, dining chairs and benches provide a range of varied benefits to a home. If you’re debating whether to get chairs or benches, we share some insights in the article below to help you make your decision. 

Pros of Dining Bench

1. Fit More People

Due to its long seat, a dining bench can fit far more people than a single chair. A standard-sized dining table with two dining chairs can usually seat two people, but a dining bench allows you to fit more small bodies along a bench then you can with individual chairs, which is ideal for when you frequently have visitors over.

2. Easy To Clean

Dining benches, particularly those without fabric upholstery, are much easier to clean than dining chairs with fabric cushions.  You can easily spritz it with a gentle cleaner and wipe it down in a few swipes. An upholstered dining chair, on the other hand, would take a lot more care than that. 

3. Space-Saving

Many dining benches have a very simple design, with no backrests or armrests, and can be quickly tucked away under the dining table, saving room when not in use. A dining bench also allows you to accommodate more people while still making the most of the limited space you have.

Cons of Dining Bench

1. Lacks Comfort and Support

A dining bench was once just a plain wooden seat that was hard and uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. The lack of a backrest also causes back, neck and shoulder pains. If you are thinking of getting a bench like that, it will be extremely uncomfortable for everyone, especially the elderly. 

There are, however, more dining bench options available these days, such as the CHANEL-N Long Bench and LUCY Long Bench, both of which come with a backrest and cushioned seats.

Types of Dining Benches

2. Difficult To Move Around

Although some dining benches are just slightly heavier than a chair, its length makes it harder to move. Furthermore, it is also difficult for us to get in and out of the area during meals when there are more than two persons seated on the bench.

Pros of Dining Chairs

1. Easy to Move

Due to their size, dining chairs are easy to move around. You may even single handedly move them to the living room when you need additional chairs to accommodate visitors around the television, or just move them to a separate room when you need an open space in your dining area.

Choosing dining chairs also means being able to get in and out of the area throughout meals without anyone having to move out of the way.

2. Elevates Appearance

Dining chairs can surprisingly elevate the appearance of your dining room. Although they’re just chairs for us to sit on, many of them come in unique designs and colours that can be matched with your dining table to create the desired atmosphere and improve the appearance of your home. They also look a lot more formal compared to a dining bench

3. Comfortable

Needless to say, because dining chairs typically come with upholstered cushion seats and backrests, they are very comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Those with armrests are even more comfortable. 

Cons of Dining Chairs

1. Difficult to Clean

Many dining chairs are upholstered with fabric and cushions, making them difficult to keep clean and maintain, especially if spills happen. They are also tougher to clean due to their numerous curves, nooks, and crevices.

If you’re looking for a dining chair that is easy to clean, consider the FELIX-N stackable dining chair or the BENJI-N stackable dining chair.

Types of Dining Chairs

2. Takes Up Space

Unlike a dining bench that can be entirely stored underneath the dining table, dining chairs can only have the seat portion tucked in, hence taking up slightly more space than benches. They may not be suitable if you have space limitations and cannot afford to waste an inch of space. 

If you still wish to get dining chairs, there are stackable alternatives you can look for. These stackable dining chairs allow you to tuck them away in a corner of your dining room or bomb shelter. Consider getting the WERTHER stackable dining chair or the DORA-N dining chair.

Grey Dining Chair

Choosing between a dining bench or a chair is not a difficult decision as long as you base your choice on what is most important to you. If comfort is important to you, get dining chairs; if you have guests over very often and need extra space, get a bench. If you need the space but find comfort important too, then get stackable or foldable seats. 

Furnish your dining room with dining chairs and benches from Star Living, a one-stop megastore in Singapore housing different pieces of furniture from a variety of signature brands. 


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