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  • Importance Of Sofa Upholstery And A Guide To Picking The Right One
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Importance Of Sofa Upholstery And A Guide To Picking The Right One

Importance Of Sofa Upholstery And A Guide To Picking The Right One

Selecting an upholstery product is extremely crucial whether you’re shopping for armchairs and sofas online or in stores. As this creates a first and lasting impression on your visitors, as well as contributes to the user’s comfort. 

You may have only heard of two types of sofa upholstery in your lifetime - leather sofas and fabric sofas. However, there are actually numerous fabric options available such that many homeowners may be faced with a dilemma when choosing a sofa upholstery for their home. 

Although it is tough to make a decision and much easier to simply pick one based on design, one should still take the time to consider the properties of each material before making a purchase. If you’re shopping for sofas online, the material information will be readily available. But, if you’re shopping in stores, do get the assistance of a salesperson to find out more about the material used. 

Why is Sofa Upholstery Important?

The visual appearance of a sofa is significantly affected by its upholstery. Although the internal elements of the sofa are not visible, they affect the comfort and ergonomics of the sofa. 

Understanding how each material can affect your lifestyle allows you to narrow down your options to the one sofa that will be most comfortable for you and your family to rest on. Choosing the right sofa upholstery can also help you save lots of time and money on cleaning and maintenance.

Types of Sofa Upholstery

1. Organic Materials

A. Linen

Linen is a natural fabric made from flax plants. It is a highly strong natural fibre that is also smooth and soft at the same time. However, it can be easily stained and damaged especially in households with young children and/or pets.

If you are looking for a comfortable sofa that can keep you cool, linen will be a good choice because it allows better air circulation.

B. Cotton

Cotton is a material commonly used to make clothing items. It is soft and durable but is susceptible to wrinkling and dirt. Sofas are rarely made entirely of cotton. Even if you do find a sofa made of cotton, it is usually blended with other materials such as polyester.

C. Leather

DENNIS Leather Sofa with L-Shape

Leather sofas are made from animal hide. They are generally highly sought after by families with young children and pets because they are more durable, as well as easier to clean and maintain. 

Leather sofas come in different grades, namely full-grain, top-grain, split-grain, bonded, corrected-grain, aniline or semi-aniline. They are each processed differently, offering varying levels of durability and comfort at different price ranges. 

Some sofas sold online also mention the terms half leather or full leather. They basically indicate whether genuine leather is used to upholster the entire sofa or only parts of it. 

Half leather means genuine leather is used only on areas in contact with our body. Other parts such as the back, side and bottom of the sofa will not be made of genuine leather. On the other hand, full leather sofas are made entirely of genuine leather. 

Those on a budget can consider getting half-leather sofas.

2. Synthetic Materials

A. Polyester

Sofa Made From Polyester

Polyester is a strong synthetic material highly popular around the world. It possesses amazing qualities such as great strength and durability, easy cleaning, and resistance to fading, wrinkling and abrasion. Sofas made from polyester are excellent because of their affordability, texture and lightness.

B. Velvet

Velvet can be made from natural fibres such as cotton or silk, or synthetic fibres such as polyester. Velvet made from natural fibres possesses less strength as compared to those made from polyester. They stand out for their soft texture and rich colour options but are rather difficult to clean. 

C. Microfibre

Microfibre is a knit-blend polyester fabric that is durable, soft and easy to clean. However, discolouration is a major issue especially if stains or moisture penetrate the surface. It also grips dust, hairs and other small particles, which can be difficult to remove and uncomfortable for you to rest on. Households with pets will have to steer clear of this material. 

Those were some of the most commonly used sofa upholsteries in Singapore, but which is the best? Well, it boils down to your personal preference, household needs and lifestyle habits. 

Although synthetic fabrics tend to have more durability than natural fabrics, they may not have the softer and supple texture natural fabrics do. Leather sofas are excellent organic upholstery options, but if you don’t mind synthetic fabrics, polyester will be one of the better options. 

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