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  • Living Alone? Here are Home Décor Ideas for your Small Apartment
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    Star Living

Living Alone? Here are Home Décor Ideas for your Small Apartment

Furnished one bedroom apartment in Singapore by Star Living

Single-person households are becoming increasingly common in Singapore even amidst the rising property prices and measures put in place to prevent non-married individuals from purchasing an HDB flat. From HDB common rooms to one-bedroom studio apartments, singles today have a wide variety of properties to choose from if they wish to move out from their parents’ place. Living alone boasts many benefits if you’re able to afford rent, but the space constraints may be a concern for many individuals thinking about moving out. We share some tips on how you can maximise the space in your small apartment to design functional living areas for yourself.

1. Use Multipurpose Furniture

Floor space is your most limited resource when living alone in a tiny apartment. Therefore, it is crucial to save space by keeping furniture to a minimum. This means opting for multi-purpose pieces that can serve different uses all at once. For example, a sofa bed is perfect for lounging in the day, but it can also convert into a bed for sleep when night falls. A sturdy extendable wooden dining table lets you enjoy your meals on a proper surface, doubles up as a workstation, and can even be extended into a larger table for when you have guests to host. For chairs, you can always invest in a good and affordable ergonomic chair for personal use, and keep a few stackable chairs available for guests.

2. Prioritise High-Quality and Functional Pieces

Good quality furniture and household items are worthy investments as they are more likely to withstand years of wear and tear. It is always better to spend on well constructed furniture then waste more money replacing them in the future. Functionality is also important for an efficient use of your space rather than letting simply decorative items take up an entire area of your home.

3. Choose the Right Colours

Colour swatches to match home furniture personality

Colours are used strategically in branding, marketing, movies, and even in our interior spaces to affect how we live because they have an enormous impact on our emotions and living experiences. When living alone, make use of colours to evoke warmth and create a cosy home for you to feel comfortable in. Some colours to consider include:

  • Yellow: Stimulates creativity and ignites a fun atmosphere. Darker yellow shades can be used to introduce elegance and cosiness to the home while reducing eye strain.
  • Blue: Fill your home with a splash of refreshing blue tones for a tranquil and serene environment perfect for rest and relaxation.
  • Green: Calming, rejuvenating, and elegant, dark green tones elevate the interior while light green shades give the illusion of a spacious home.

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4. Incorporate House Plants

Indoor plants for home interior by Star Living

Indoor plants are great additions to any home, they produce oxygen, refresh the air, and even help with improving mental health—improve concentration, promote healing, relieve stress, and make us feel happier. People living alone can find comfort in plants as gardening allows us to develop a deeper connection with ourselves, which combats loneliness.

5. Keep Things Organised

Clutter not only takes up space, it also causes stress and unnecessary discomfort. By keeping your belongings nearly organised, you create a cleaner environment that keeps you calm and composed, and free up space for you to move around comfortably. Aside from typical storage furniture such as chest of drawers and wardrobes, consider purchasing pieces with hidden storage compartments, such as sofa beds with built-in drawers or a coffee table with storage space underneath the tabletop surface.

Living alone is challenging, but a well-designed space can enhance your home interior and affect your living experience. Shop a range of pieces at Star Living, an online furniture shop carrying a variety of designer furniture.

  • Post author
    Star Living