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  • Making a King Size Bed Work in a Small Bedroom
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    Star Living
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Making a King Size Bed Work in a Small Bedroom

Platform king- size wood bed frame

King-sized beds are ideal for couples or families with young children since they provide plenty of space for restless sleepers. You won't have to worry about becoming hot and squeezy in bed, and you'll be able to stretch or turn around in bed without bumping into anyone.

However, king-sized bed frames are huge and take up a lot of space in the room. Many Singapore homes, particularly smaller HDB flats, are unable to accommodate a king size bed and may even require additional manual labour fees to be delivered via staircase as king-sized bed frames and mattresses can’t fit into most lifts. There are, however, many ways to maximise the space in a small room to fit a king-sized bed frame while still leaving room for other furnishings. Here are some tips.

1. Place against side of room

Placing your king size bed frame towards one wall rather than in the centre of the room frees up more floor space for other furnishings. This is because placing your bed in the centre of the room gives just tiny amounts of space on each side of the bed, which can be insufficient for essential pieces of furniture such as study tables, wardrobes, chests of drawers, and other furniture.

However, by positioning your bed frame against the wall on one side of the room, you can maximise the space available for other purposes.

2. Choose a storage bed

One of the most common issues with a small room is the lack of space for your furniture and belongings. This problem can be solved with a storage bed because the same space that you use for your bed can also be used to store your things. Because it is significantly larger than queen and single sized beds, buying a king size storage bed frame also means getting more space to organise everything you have.

3. Make use of vertical space

Bright coloured arrangement bedroom

Don’t have enough room space for your furniture or belongings? Then think about building vertically because your walls are an excellent method to free up valuable floor space. Shelves can be built upwards toward your ceiling instead of taking up floor space, and wardrobes can be customised to meet the height of your room, allowing you to maximise the vertical space available in your home for item storage. By utilising more vertical space and opening up more floor space, you may enjoy the spacious luxury king size bed frame without having to worry about not being able to fit all of your possessions in the room.

4. Choose bright colour

Bright lighting on bedroom

Colours have an impact on the interior of your room and can even give the illusion of a bigger space. White, pale yellow, creams, and other light pastel colours brighten dark corners, making the space look more open, while cool colours make the room appear bigger. The reflective nature or light-coloured walls and furnishings also makes a space appear more open and airy when light reflects off them.

Using the right colour palette will make a small space look spacious even after fitting a king size bed frame into the space.

5. Increase natural light

The most important thing to do in a small room loaded with large furniture items is to make the room appear bigger. Natural light has the ability to make a space feel more open and airy. When combined with bright colours, the room will feel less confined and more airy.

Fitting a king size bed frame into a small room isn't difficult if you know how to maximise your room's space and turn every available inch into something useful.

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  • Post author
    Star Living
  • Bed Frame SingaporeKing Size Bed FrameOnline Furniture Shop Singapore