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  • Tips for Designing Your Home Around A Sofa Bed
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    Star Living

Tips for Designing Your Home Around A Sofa Bed

Sofa bed in living room by Star Living Singapore

Sofa beds are some of the most misunderstood pieces of furniture in Singapore because of the multiple misconceptions surrounding them. People often thought of them as uncomfortable and low-quality, and would steer clear of sofa beds when shopping for living room furniture. However, they are actually some of the most practical pieces of furniture—they offer extra floor space in the day and an additional bed space at night.

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Do you love the practicality of the sofa bed and plan to furnish your home with one? As sofa beds expand and collapse dramatically, they can be challenging to design around. We share with you some tips on how you can create a neat and functional space even with a sofa bed.

1. Take Measurements

The variety of sofa bed sizes and shapes today lets you easily add them to any room regardless of the space you have. Of course, it is important to first factor in how the sofa bed will fit into the area you want it to be, and consider the measurements of it to determine which design best suits the space.

Planning to use the sofa bed in the living room? It will probably sit near the middle of the room. Avoid placing any furniture near the foot of your sofa bed so that you can easily extend the bed without shifting furniture around. For smaller rooms, a loveseat sofa bed will work best. Have it pushed up against the wall to maximise space.

2. Ensure Optimal Comfort

Sofa bed with blankets by Star Living

Your sofa bed’s comfort level is just as important as its shape and size; they don’t just serve as seating furniture, they are also meant to provide a comfortable sleeping spot. Hence, when deciding on a sofa bed, choose sofas with plush cushions that can protect users from the frame inside the furniture. Also, you can elevate the appearance of your sofa bed with thick and textured throw blankets and large cushions that will also double up as duvets and pillows.

3. Place Storage Furniture Nearby

A good way to keep your blankets and pillows close by for your sleepover guests is to store them in storage furniture near your sofa bed. For example, coffee tables with large storage spaces, a dining buffet table behind your sofa bed, or a chest of drawers next to it. Keep these storage furniture nearby for an easily accessible space to organise your sleep essentials. You can even use them to decorate the room. Some sofa beds even come with their own storage compartment.

4. Multipurpose Furniture

Versatile pieces of furniture, such as coffee or end tables that can serve as a bedside stand, are excellent options for a convertible room. You want to ensure that these pieces are lightweight and easy to rearrange too. Having multipurpose furniture allows you to keep the room functional throughout the day without having to shift anything when night falls.

If you frequently host sleepover guests or if you need to make efficient use of your small bedroom or living room space, a sofa bed is your best option. Technology and design advancements have also changed the way sofa beds are constructed, making them more comfortable than ever before. Shop a variety of living room furniture at Star Living, an online furniture shop in Singapore.

  • Post author
    Star Living