4 Reasons Why Coffee Tables Are Key To Your Living Room

Posted on04/03/2021

Chinese New Year is a time for festivity and celebration with loved ones, and it’s the perfect opportunity for Singaporeans to beautify their living room. Be it a new armchair or choosing from quality coffee tables for sale, it’s important to pick the right pieces of furniture to maximize your enjoyment and comfort. Read on to find out 4 reasons why coffee tables play an essential role in helping your living room come alive.

Coffee Tables in Room

1. They serve various practical purposes

The foremost role of a coffee table for your living room is to serve a myriad of functions, from storage to displaying showpieces. Some coffee table designs are more practical, offering multiple storage drawers to store TV remotes, drink coasters, or magazines. Others might be more minimalist, having a single storage space and featuring classier designs to place art sculptures, green succulents, or personal handicrafts.

For those seeking additional space to showcase their decorations, end tables are a popular option to complement your coffee table. They are placed at the sides of your armchair or leather sofa in your Singapore living room, providing added convenience for placing items or decorations in your living room.

2. They help express your aesthetic

Besides allowing for storing and displaying items, the next key role that coffee tables play is allowing you to express yourself and your style. Particularly for younger Singaporean couples who place a priority on aesthetics, coffee tables come in a huge variety of designs and styles to suit their needs. They range from marble, granite, and metal in construction; can be angular, round, or even asymmetrical in shape, and come in a variety of sizes to suit diverse living room spaces.

Glass coffee tables are a popular choice for making living spaces appear bigger than they actually are, as well as facilitating many types of decorations. Wooden coffee tables are a classic option with their varnished appearance and ruggedness. Many online retailers offer a wide variety of coffee tables for sale and even allow for custom-made designs, allowing you to choose your desired specifications and have a truly unique piece.

3. They complement your seating

Living rooms in Singapore have a wide range of seating styles, ranging from stately leather sofas to modern armchairs. A good coffee table should give you sufficient legroom to sit comfortably for long periods of time, while being of a sufficient height that prevents you from constantly bending too low to reach for drinks or items on your coffee table.

A general rule of thumb is to pick oval or rectangular-shaped coffee tables to complement rectangular sofa sets, while rounded or square coffee tables are better suited for sectional or L-shaped sofas. You can browse various interior design websites to get a better idea of what type of coffee table complements your existing seating arrangements.

4. They suit your household’s needs

Every Singaporean family has different needs, be it a young couple just moving into their first home, or a family raising multiple children. Rounded tables are ideal for homes with young children, helping them to avoid injuries as they play around the home. Rectangular and square-shaped coffee tables provide more surface area for placing items, making them better suited for families finding themselves hosting friends and family more frequently.

In addition, some retailers offer environmentally friendly coffee tables for sale, which utilise wood from sustainable sources. This helps to complement families who focus on an eco-friendly lifestyle, and who desire all their purchases to reduce their impact on the environment.

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