4 Trends In 2021 To Inspire Your Choice Of Living Room Furniture

Posted on22/03/2021

A new year is synonymous with a fresh start, and most Singaporeans want to step into 2021 with greater optimism in light of the global situation. As we grow accustomed to working from home and spending more time indoors, many are finding themselves seeking to redesign their living spaces and purchase new pieces of furniture to fit their style. Here are 4 trends to consider as you purchase furniture for your Singapore living room.

1. Comfort

With the extended amount of time spent at home, you definitely want to ensure your living room is built for comfort. It is important to pick the right sofa set for your Singapore living room to perfectly complement your choice of TV console and coffee table. Some considerations include factoring in the distance between your TV console and sofa to reduce eye strain, to choosing a coffee table with a sufficient height to comfortably reach for drinks from your sofa.

With their built-in headrest and footrest, recliner sofas are a popular option for comfort when considering living room furniture for your Singapore home. Other options include leather L-shaped sofas, which come with a chaise lounge to allow you to stretch yourself in comfort, as well as making your living room more casual and space efficient.

2. Multi-Purpose

With space being a concern for most Singaporean homes, and with multiple household members sharing the same space, living rooms are gradually becoming a busy environment. From doubling up as a home office in the morning to hosting guests over at night, it is increasingly essential for living room furniture to serve multiple purposes in a Singaporean home, particularly when one is choosing from coffee tables on sale.

One popular option is the extendable coffee table, which offers additional pull-out space to place drinks or snacks while working, and can be tucked away when not needed. Another nifty idea is the convertible coffee table, which has a tabletop that can be lifted upwards to form a makeshift dining table. It’s perfect for midday meals with family or when having friends over while working, making it a popular choice for small apartments.

3. Efficiency

With the amount of time spent indoors working from home in Singapore, it is important to have a proper setup of living room furniture that facilitates optimal work efficiency. One popular way is by utilizing décor elements that allow natural light in while creating a conducive atmosphere, such as situating your table near a window and placing various decorations such as plants and stones to help you unwind during short breaks.

Other options to improve work efficiency and comfort include purchasing tables that are at a comfortable work height, while also factoring in your own height as well. You will also want to purchase a quality office chair with proper lumbar support and cushioning to support your posture for prolonged periods of work.

4. Warm Colors

With the reduction in social activities outdoors, as well as the stopping of overseas travel, many Singaporeans want to inject a little more vibrance into their life. Interior designers recommend various types of colors to suit your Singapore home and complement your choice of living room furniture.

For example, green is a classic choice of color that conveys harmony and a connection with nature, and color options range from pastel green to foliage green. This complements wooden coffee tables and TV consoles, as well as brown leather sofas in a Singaporean living room. Another option is injecting bright colors against a neutral white backdrop, such as purchasing pumpkin-colored and light blue armchairs and cushions to help create a sense of vibrance in your living room.

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