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  • 5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look Stylish On A Budget
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5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look Stylish On A Budget

Many homeowners have the impression that a stylish set of living room furniture in Singapore will set their finances back considerably. In truth, it’s less about the price of the furniture you buy, and more of how you utilize design and aesthetic elements to fully bring out the best from your living room arrangement. Here are five nifty tips that you can adopt for your living room to make it look stylish on a decent budget.

1. Get furniture with diverse shapes

While regular straight-lined furniture may be the preference of homeowners going for a sleek and metallic look, utilizing a variety of shapes in your Singaporean designer furniture is a creative way to make your living room stand out. Research has shown that rounded shapes help to promote movement and relaxation, and this can be done through various ways such as curved sofa armrests and chairs to rounded or asymmetric coffee tabletops. You can get creative and focus on the smaller pieces; be it curved table and chair legs to the accessories that you hang on your walls.


2. Utilize your window space

Being the main source of natural light, windows are essential to making your living room stand out and with style. Generally, windows that are longer in height and without grills are preferred, and you can utilize curtains to further convey a sense of elegance. This works best with minimalist design styles, using white as the dominant color and keeping your furnishings simple yet tasteful. An additional way to further complement this setup is by placing a few plants around your living room, where their green colors will stand out and add life to your selection of living room furniture in Singapore.

3. Use mood lighting to your advantage

While windows work great in the day to let the light in, homeowners will look towards tasteful lighting options to help their living room come alive at night. A quality light fixture is an easy way to make your living room come alive, particularly if you have a good view from your windows. Homeowners can also install dimmer switches, which allows for versatile mood lighting for various occasions, be it muted lighting for a romantic dinner or brighter lighting to curl up with a good book. You can also consider adjustable standing lamps to light up specific pieces of your living room furniture in Singapore too.


4. Install mirrors in your living room

A classic technique used in many restaurants, mirrors help your Singapore living room furniture stand out. In addition to being sleek and reflecting light admirably, mirrors are great for increasing visual square footage of your space. They essentially double the size of your living room when placed at strategic locations on your walls, making them great for smaller sized apartments and making your space feel expansive. If wall space is at a premium, a standing mirror works well when properly angled to showcase specific areas of your living room.

5. Create tasteful displays

Singapore living room furniture such as coffee tables and bookshelves are much more than just functional pieces, but are platforms for you to showcase your style and aesthetic. For example, pairing marble-topped coffee tables with floral arrangements or sculptures is an instant stylish classic. Also, you can decorate your bookshelves with various mementos, small plants, as well as picture frames and calligraphy pieces, helping to personalize your living room space without breaking the bank.

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  • Post author
    Star Living