The Most Popular Sofa Bed Styles in Singapore

Posted on06/10/2023

From condos to HDBs and even landed properties, sofa beds are a great addition to any Singaporean home. Firstly, they're incredibly comfortable and allow you to easily seat upwards of 3 people. 

Additionally, a sofa bed in the living room can instantly turn into a guest bed for unexpected visitors, saving you the hassle of setting up temporary sleeping arrangements. 

They're also perfect for small apartments where a dedicated guest room isn't an option, efficiently using the available square footage. 

Even in a child's room, a sofa bed can be a daytime reading or play area that converts into an extra bed for sleepovers. This utility and flexibility make sofa bed sets an excellent choice for any Singaporean home.

Now that we have a clear picture of the many benefits and uses of sofa beds let's look at some of the most popular sofa bed styles in Singapore. At the same time, we'll also help you find a design that matches your aesthetic. 

Popular Sofa Bed Styles in Singapore

1. Pull-Out Sofa Beds

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The pull-out sofa bed as we know it first appeared in 1931 when Bernard Castro made and sold the "Castro convertible". These "convertibles" filled a need for more flexible furniture that allowed homeowners to maximise smaller living spaces and easily accommodate guests.

Over the years, the design of pull-out sofa beds has evolved, with the core concept staying the same: a sofa with a mattress hidden under the cushions that can be pulled out to create a bed.

What sets pull-out sofa beds apart is their design that cleverly hides a full or queen-sized bed within a sofa frame. The mattress is usually folded under the seat cushions. When pulled out, it transforms your living room into a temporary bedroom. This design makes them a solid choice if you have guests staying over but don't have a dedicated guest room.

2. Futon Sofa Beds

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Futon sofa beds originated in Japan and were initially a type of traditional bedding. The concept was brought to Western countries and adapted into a more versatile piece of furniture, combining the seating of a sofa with the sleeping surface of a futon mattress. 

Over time, futons have evolved and diversified, integrating into various cultures as a go-to solution for flexible living. Design-wise, futon sofa beds are typically more streamlined and simpler than pull-out sofa beds. The key feature is a foldable mattress that serves as the sofa's seat and the bed's sleeping surface. 

To transform a futon from a sofa to a bed, you just need to fold down the backrest, and you're good to go. This and their small footprint make futon sofa beds an excellent choice for smaller species like studio apartments or home offices. However, these sofa beds tend to have thinner mattresses, which makes them unsuitable for long-term use.

3. Click-Clack Sofa Beds

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In the latter part of the 20th century, click-sofa beds gained traction as urban living spaces became smaller and the need for multifunctional furniture grew. These types of sofa beds got their name for the distinctive "click-clack" sound made by their mechanisms when you convert them into a bed.

Unlike traditional pull-out beds that may require a bit of muscle and manoeuvring, the Click-Clack system allows the backrest to quickly fold down flat with a simple push or pull, hence the name. This feature lends itself well to modern designs prioritising clean lines and minimal fuss.

As for practical uses, Click-Clack Sofa Beds are especially useful in studio apartments, home offices, or any room that serves multiple functions. Their easy-transforming nature makes them ideal for accommodating overnight guests on short notice or for everyday lounging. 

Plus, their usually slim design helps save valuable floor space, making them a convenient choice for compact living areas.

4. L-shaped Sofa Beds

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What sets L-shaped sofa beds apart from their traditional counterparts is their sectional design. 

Often, one sofa segment is longer, providing an extended chaise section that can double as a sleeping area when needed. 

Another great reason to invest in an L-shaped sofa bed is how most also come with built-in storage spaces. These are a handy place to keep bedding and other items within easy reach. 

Others also have useful customisable features such as adjustable headsets and armrests, which make for a more comfortable experience.

In addition, the L-shaped design of these sofa beds lets you use corner space, something especially valuable if floor space is at a premium.

Homes with open-plan layouts can act as a subtle divider between living and dining areas, offering a cosy yet functional nook that is perfect for various activities. All of this versatility makes L-shaped sofa beds great for almost any home.

Closing Thoughts

Sofa beds are versatile pieces of furniture that fulfil a variety of functions and are also very comfortable. Plus, thanks to their unique stylings, they easily fit into any home regardless of your design aesthetic. 

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