5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Redesigning A Living Room

Posted on10/11/2020

We admire those perfectly designed living room spaces in interior design websites and magazines. Perhaps you’ve decided to breath a fresh look into your home, starting with your living room. Before you rush to throw out your living room furniture and order new pieces in Singapore, here are 5 questions to consider before you start to redesign your living room.

1. Will my furniture fit my home layout?

Many of us make the common mistake of assuming that our new living room will look exactly the same as those in interior design shots, particularly after we have purchased some hand-crafted designer furniture in Singapore. In reality, there are many unstated constraints, such as the fixed position of walls and windows and your general floor area, that will affect the arrangement of your living room furniture.

Other things to consider include size constraints. The last thing you want to do is purchase an elegant sofa, only to find that it cannot fit through the front door or doesn’t match your living room wall’s dimensions. To avoid this, consult your floorplan or physically measure the various dimensions in your living room.

2. What additional redesigning will I require? 

Redesigning your living room isn’t just purchasing furniture online in Singapore, but often comes along with the need to add a new coat of paint to your walls, or replacing the flooring in your living room. In addition, you might want to add new art decorations for your walls, or a tasteful rug to complement your new layout.

You will need to factor in how these various elements complement each other, particularly if you are planning a drastic style change, such as changing from a rustic and warm feel to a minimalist and sleek design.

3. How long will the redesign take? 

According to regulations in Singapore, renovation works such as moving in living room furniture and floor tiling can only be done from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, as well as on Saturdays (excluding PHs). With a family member being needed to allow access and supervise the works, families that are out for work on weekdays may find their redesigning timeline extended for a good while.

Try to inform and seek the understanding of your neighbours too, particularly those working from home or stay home for prolonged periods, such as mothers who have just given birth or senior citizens. Do note that there is a limit to how long renovation works are allowed to continue, so plan your living room redesign accordingly.

4. How much professional support will I need?

Redesigning requires a lot of professional support. It includes movers to move and assemble your new designer furniture, as well as shift out your unwanted furniture. It also includes painters, flooring contractors, and even electrical technicians for a complete overhaul.

This may lead to heightened costs that go beyond the price tags of your furniture, so it is recommended to check your budget and ensure that you can afford the redesigning fees. They can range from below $1000 to tens of thousands, depending on furniture choice and how extensive your redesign is.

5. How will it impact my family?

Don’t forget to consider the impact that redesigning may have on your family. This is particularly essential for those with children or older family members, where adding in new living room furniture and renovation works can cause much stress and challenges to adapt.

Children are often accustomed to familiarity, and the arrival of strangers and unfamiliar furniture may stress them and cause anxiety. Senior family members may similarly find loud noises and shifting of furniture stressful.

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