5 Essential Furniture Every Book Lover’s Home Must Have

Posted on18/11/2020

As we stay indoors during this period, more people are returning to the timeless pastime of reading physical books at home. Books provide incredible diversity, be it an engaging story or expanding one’s knowledge. But collecting and curating one’s book selection is just half the fun; it’s also about savoring it from the comfort of one’s home. Here are 5 essential furniture, ranging from study tables to armchairs, that should be in every Singapore book lover’s home.

1. Study Tables

Many Singapore homes lack the space for a dedicated reading room, with bedrooms or study rooms being used for reading instead. Study tables offer all-around versatility for Singapore homes, providing a place to work efficiently from home or to surf the Internet, while doubling up as a comfortable reading place during your leisure time. They are often constructed from wood or plastic and come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to pick a design that best complements your style.

In addition, study tables are great for reading heavy hardcover books, which can get hefty when balancing on your lap for extended periods. Combine it with a comfortable office seat  and a good book, and you are set for a restful weekend of reading!

2. Armchairs

The quintessential companion of book lovers across the globe, armchairs are a popular sight in Singaporean homes too. While Singaporeans may not have a fireplace to sit alongside, armchairs are always a plus when resting indoors during rainy drowsy days. Armchairs come in both leather and fabric options, with a wide range of cooler, cushion options and designs.

In addition to providing proper back support while reading, armchairs also provide an armrest, allowing you to get comfortable as you immerse yourself in your book. Plus, armchairs are great for afternoon naps.

3. Bookcases

Part of the enjoyment of reading and collecting books is choosing how to display them, and that’s where bookcases come into play. Combining aesthetics and practicality, bookcases help book lovers arrange by genre and series, be it a series of novels or an encyclopedic collection.

Many book lovers go the distance to spruce up their bookcases with additional touches, such as placing mementos, photo frames, as well as custom-made bookends. Besides showcasing their personality, these decorations help them reinforce the theme of the whole space, including their furniture choices such as study tables and armchairs too.

4. Coffee Tables

Often seen as just a place for putting both food and magazines, coffee tables go beyond just aesthetics. There are many solid coffee tables for sale, coming in a wide variety of options such as glass, wood, and plastic. They often have drawers for placing books that you’re currently reading, as well as providing a convenient place for you to place food and drinks. Take a break in both comfort and style as you dive into a good book.

5. Sofas 

Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary affair either. Comfortable sofas are perfect for curling up with not just a good book, but with your children as well. Made from either leather or fabric, sofas are a popular alternative to armchairs due to their versatility for hosting guests and watching shows, and complement coffee tables as well. Besides, with the numerous benefits that reading brings to children, it’s ideal to start exposing them early to reading.

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