4 Key Questions To Ask When Choosing Home Office Furniture

Posted on22/12/2020

With the rise of work-from-home arrangements in Singapore, many homeowners are starting to realize that their existing room layouts aren’t the most conducive for long-term work. Perhaps you too are looking to set up your own home office in a bid to improve your work efficiency and comfort as well. But before you rush to order online furniture in Singapore, such as office chairs and study tables, here are 4 key questions to ask yourself that will make your planning a smoother affair.

1. What style do I want for my space? 

One’s choice of furniture impacts how they express themselves, and your choice of home office furniture is no different. For study tables in Singapore, most people choose between wood for a classy and timeless style, with its polished grain and smooth exterior. Others prefer the sleek lines and minimal colors of high gloss tables that often come in monochromatic colors, allowing them to decorate to their own preferences.

For office chairs in Singapore, most people choose between colored upholstery and transparent mesh with additional lumbar support, as well as swivel and armrest options. While office chairs tend to be more functional in terms of ergonomics, they can still complement the style you desire, particularly with the color scheme you decide to go for. Take some time to browse online furniture catalogues in Singapore and see which pieces of furniture complement each other.

2. How long will I be working each day? 

Everyone has different work-from-home arrangements. Some people may return to their offices for a day or two each week, while others may work entire months from home. For prolonged periods at home, comfort is absolutely essential, helping you to keep proper posture, good health, and morale, as you work through the week and sometimes through the weekends.

It is important to choose office chairs in Singapore that offer proper ergonomics, such as good lumbar support and height adjustment. In addition, a proper study table of comfortable height and space goes a long way to helping you work in comfort and maintain your proper posture, while also giving you sufficient workspace for administrative work.

3. Do I have sufficient space?

For many Singaporeans, living space is always at a premium. This is particularly so for families where multiple people are working from home, making a dedicated home office a difficult affair. In such cases, most people convert their bedrooms into home offices, buying proper office chairs and study tables for their Singaporean setups.

It is important to pick compact and multi-purpose pieces of furniture for your home office. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as picking office chairs with swivel features and proper cushion support for comfortable reading or watching shows after work, or a properly spacious study table that allows you to use your laptop while making room for an additional monitor screen for work purposes.

4. What color scheme should I adopt?

Colors are known to confer various benefits, ranging from improved mood, increased productivity, as well as comfort and energy levels. This is particularly important since home offices are smaller in size, as well as having less engagement with colleagues, which can significantly influence work performance over time.

Some examples of color usage include white to promote focus and efficiency, orange for increasing energy levels and yellow for positivity, and the popular choices of green for focus and blue for productivity. Smartly utilizing these colors to boost your productivity doesn’t have to require drastic painting of your whole room. Instead, consider purchasing office chairs in Singapore with the upholstery colors you desire or decorating your study table with green plants and other appealing ornaments that you can gaze at every now and then.

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