Why Every Apartment Should Have A Shoe Cabinet Or Shoe Rack

Posted on08/12/2020

Footwear is a constant of every household, and with the constant sales in Singapore it’s no wonder that many households have stocked up on them. But instead of piling them up in your storeroom or just placing them in a clump near your entrance, consider utilising both shoe cabinets and shoe racks to spruce up your Singapore home. Read on to learn more about the benefits they bring.

1. They keep your home area tidy.

For convenience’ sake, many people choose to ‘park’ their shoes at the entrance of their home. While it can be easier than taking the time to properly place them on shoe racks or into shoe cabinets, it can get rather unsightly and messy when entertaining large groups of people - just see the sprawling footwear that happens during family visits on public holidays.

In addition, our shoes accumulate a lot of dirt from walking about, and none of us want to bring harmful germs and bacteria into our homes as well. Particularly in this period where hygiene and cleanliness is key, both shoe racks and shoe cabinets help Singaporean homes to be both clean and tidy. They offer convenient sorting of footwear based on function, such as for exercise, formal events, or casual walking; to sorting based on each family member’s own shoe ownership. Smaller families may consider shoe racks to save space while still enjoying a clutter-free layout.

2. They enhance your interior design.

Many Singaporean families prefer to leave shoe cabinets outside to save space inside their homes, but shoe cabinets can also be placed right inside the entrance of your house, and tastefully chosen to complement your living room layout. Modern shoe cabinets come in a wide variety of colours, finishings, and sizes; making it easy to find the right one to complement your style.

Shoe cabinet construction options in Singapore range from classic wooden construction with wood veneer, hinged doors, and multiple boards to place your footwear, to a sleek glossy finish with sliding doors and mirrors mounted on them. They go great with various layouts, be it a homely, rustic wooden layout, or a chic and modern minimalist design. You can also add a seating area to allow visitors to take off and put on their footwear in comfort as well.

3. They protect your precious footwear.

For the fashionistas with a pair of footwear for almost every occasion, a quality shoe cabinet in Singapore helps to protect your precious collection from sunlight and pests, which can damage the fabric or leather of footwear. Humidity is also a major concern, particularly in tropical Singapore, which can deform shoes and make them unsightly and unwearable.

Open-storage options, such as shoe racks in Singapore, can help to facilitate evaporation of water from damp leather or fabric shoes, helping to improve their longevity. When choosing a shoe cabinet, it helps to find one with ventilation holes, to allow improved air circulation while reducing the accumulation of dust on them. You can also store your everyday shoes neatly at the entrance, while placing shoes that you use for special occasions in shoe cabinets to save space and reduce clutter.

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