Decorating Your House Based On The Christmas Trends For 2021

Posted on22/11/2021

With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than by filling your home with joyful and beautiful Christmas decorations? Every year, many families in Singapore decorate their Christmas trees with fairy lights and ball ornaments, while others prefer to keep things simple by putting up only one or two Christmas decorations. What are the common Christmas decorations you like filling your home with?

As we continue to stay home safely even as the holiday season approaches, why not try decorating your home differently this year to bring in the festivities of Christmas? Here are some Christmas trends for 2021 and how you can incorporate them into your home decorations.

1. Silver & Gold Colours

Metallic finishes and other similar colours, namely silver and gold, will take centre stage this Christmas. The muted and cool tones of silver, accompanied by the warm tones of gold colours will bring the “snowy outside” effect into your home while adding a touch of cosiness, warmth, and depth as the gold contrasts against the silver colours.

Silver colours can be added to your home through grey designer furniture pieces, light fixtures, or accessories like a light stand. Consider pairing the grey colours of the Lucy Long Bench w/ Backrest and the gold colours of the Stow-S Side Table in the corner next to your Christmas tree, or with your wooden dining table.

2. Sustainability

Sustainability has been a focus all year round, even in the years leading up to 2021. It is also a major focus for Christmas this year. Living sustainably and adopting green practices to protect our environment is critical, and many households are expected to begin using recycled decorations, glassware, sustainable furniture, and even adopting sustainable eating habits.

One way to begin transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle is to choose sustainable furniture such as wooden dining tables and wooden dining chairs for your home. They protect the environment and can even last a lifetime, especially if they are sourced responsibly.

A furniture combination you can consider includes the Chestnut-N Extendable Wooden Dining Table and the Walker-N Dining Chair. Alternatively, wooden dining tables such as the Bilbo-N Dining Table and Fossil Dining Table are also perfect for home interiors and family dinners.

3. Nostalgic Decor

Many people associate Christmas with spending quality time with their families. With the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, we’ve learned to value the time we have with family and friends even more.

Nostalgic decorations are in trend this Christmas as we try to make our Christmas even more memorable this year. Fill your home with vintage ornaments, old crockery, family photos, and other sentimental items that will bring back fond memories.

Instead of buying new decorations, try making some out of recycled materials, or repurposing what you already have.

4. Cosy Interiors

Interiors that are cosy and warm will never go out of style. Although this isn’t really a Christmas trend, incorporating soft textures and warm colours into your home will create a comfortable atmosphere ideal for lounging and relaxing during the holiday season. Although there isn’t winter in Singapore, such cosy interiors make you feel as though you are sipping on a cup of hot chocolate while it snows outside; something we can’t experience in Singapore.

5. Bring Nature Indoors

Finally, bring nature inside for added comfort and cosiness. Plants and natural wooden elements can bring aesthetic appeal and positive feelings to your home.

Seeing greenery and nature on a daily basis makes us feel more relaxed and calm, which improves our overall mood and makes Christmas an even more joyous holiday.

Wooden furniture, such as wooden dining tables and chairs, have been found to elicit positive feelings in a person. Furthermore, wood has a calming effect on our senses and can look stunning in any type of interior.

Decorate your home interior with a wooden dining table, wooden dining chairs, lush houseplant, warm fairy lights, golden cutlery and a Christmas tree decked in beautiful decorations.

With these few Christmas trends of 2021, you can start decorating your home and filling it with Christmas vibes. It’s never too early to celebrate Christmas!

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