5 Reasons Why Less Furniture Can Be Beneficial For Your Home

Posted on03/05/2021

Minimalism is the art of living simply and being intentional of how we’re living our lives. Over the years, it has become a representation of a certain uncluttered lifestyle, made up of a few simple things that add value to our lives.

In interior design, minimalism refers to the use of the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space but still providing maximum impact. Its characteristics include simplicity, clean lines, neutral palettes, and most importantly, functional furniture.

The minimalist interior design style has grown in popularity, particularly in Singapore, with an increasing number of consumers introducing the Minimalist lifestyle and concept into their homes and their lives, to the point where many online furniture stores in Singapore have been producing and bringing in many minimalistic designer furniture from all over the world.

If the plethora of minimalist interior design photos on the internet is not enough to convince you into taking your time to select only a few of the best designer furniture available, then allow us to share with you some reasons why having less furniture can be beneficial to you and your home.

1. Statement pieces, beautiful spaces

While it may appear that having more beautiful furniture in your home can decorate and fill up empty spaces, the design principle of “white space” suggests that empty spaces can help make something look even better, and that applies to interior spaces as well.

Having a lot of furniture may not add value to your life, nor will it improve your quality of life; in fact, it could even make things worse for you, but having only a few good designer furniture to spruce up your space can help to beautify your home. These furniture can serve as statement pieces in each of your rooms, while the space around them complements the furniture and enhances the overall appearance of the area.

2. Cleaner home

Now, when we say a cleaner home, it actually also depends on how you take care of your furniture and your home.

Take your living room for an example, it is where we engage in lots of activities, and where your children may play; this is when your furniture can be easily dirtied, things are made worse if you have a large amount of living room furniture, cleaning them up would be a challenge.

So, by choosing to live minimally and fill your home with carefully curated furniture, you not only save time on cleaning, but you also get a cleaner house without having to do much.

3. Bigger, airy space

Government housing, i.e. HDB flats take up the majority of housing types in Singapore, making space limitation a common concern for most of us Singaporeans. Sometimes, it’s good to only pick what you need, because surely, you do not need a piece of furniture for everything.

When you choose to only pick out a few good pieces of furniture for your home, space is cleared up and your home will be left looking bigger, brighter, feeling a lot more spacious and airier, where airflow and light aren’t obstructed.

A good example would be cutting down on living room furniture and only picking one or two really good ones to be placed in your home - for example, a designer sofa and a designer television console would be sufficient, sometimes a coffee table is redundant, and can be omitted.

4. Timeless

Keeping things simple helps to ensure that your space remains timeless, one that will stand the test of time; clean and uncluttered spaces will never go out of style or be considered ‘ugly' or ‘old-fashioned.'

5. Uncluttered space, uncluttered mind

According to research, a cluttered and messy physical space can cause stress and anxiety. When you focus on only getting a few pieces of furniture that you need, the clean space declutters your mind and allows you to focus on living your life and worrying less.

One tip to help you avoid buying too much furniture you don’t need is to shop from online furniture stores. When you shop for furniture online, you’re only looking at that one piece of item, and you’ll only head to the page showing the things that you want to get, preventing you from walking through a bunch of other furniture that you probably don’t need.

By adopting the “less is more” concept, and applying it to your home, you gain so much more than just aesthetic value, check out some of the designer furniture we have to offer and create your own little safe haven.




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