Clearing Up 4 Common Misconceptions Of Sofa Beds

Posted on30/06/2021

sofa bed is an extremely versatile piece of furniture that can provide numerous benefits to you and your home. Sofa beds with storage features are ideal when you need extra space to store rarely used items. If you often have guests staying over at your place, sofa beds also provide an additional bed space when needed. 

Sofa beds are one of the most practical pieces of furniture one can own in Singapore, where land is scarce and homes are small. However, they are also among the least sought-after pieces because the misconceptions of sofa beds that have developed over the years have hampered the way people view them. We’re here to clear up these misconceptions today. 

1. Sofa Beds Are Uncomfortable

Many often assume that the sofa bed does not contain a proper mattress like a regular bed, therefore it does not provide proper support and isn’t comfortable to sleep on. People would often envision thin mattresses and uncomfortable metal bars pressed into people’s aching backs. However, this is not the case.

Modern sofa beds, unlike the old ones first patented in the late 1800s, have seen drastic improvements in quality thanks to technological advances. While the first sofa beds ever created sport thin mattresses and metal frames of lower quality, many furniture shops in Singapore now carry sofa beds fitted with new and improved mattresses. Some come with amazing memory foam, while others consist of cooling technology features.

Sofa beds were a great space-saving alternative and they still are, the only difference is that they’re a lot more comfortable to sleep on now. Good modern sofa beds sold in stores today will keep their shape longer and offer greater support for your body. 

2. Limited Size Options

Most people think of a sofa bed as a two-seater, queen-sized mattress that extends to a length that isn't as long as a regular bed. While the selection of sofa beds are not as extensive as that of regular sofas and beds, there are still a variety of sizes for you to choose from.

Regardless of the amount of space you have at home, sofa beds are a great furniture choice. They range in sizes from as small as armchairs, to a king-sized mattress in larger couches. There are even l-shaped sofas that can be extended into a bed. 

3. Difficult To Use

While older sofa bed mechanisms required you to wrestle with its folding mechanism and go through several steps before you could lay down in bed, modern versions only require less than three steps and a simple pull to convert your sofa into a bed.

Modern sofa beds are lighter and have features that make them much easier to convert. Some make use of gravity by designing mechanisms that slide down effortlessly when pulled, while others are designed in a tri-fold manner, making them easier to use.

4. Ugly Designs

The odd-coloured, printed sofa beds of yesteryear are now a thing of the past, and furniture designers have come up with new ways to present a sofa bed.

The perception of sofa beds being ugly can only apply to older models, as newer versions of them have been designed to look exactly like regular sofas. A variety of sofa beds in different shapes, sizes, and colours are available in many of Singapore's online furniture shops, ranging from classic silhouettes to trendy modern layouts.

JULIE-N L-shaped Sofa Bed and JACK L-shaped Sofa Bed With Storage

The JULIE-N L-shaped Sofa Bed and JACK L-shaped Sofa Bed are great examples of classic modern-day sofa beds

Now that we've addressed these common misconceptions many people have about sofa beds, it's time for you to put the myths to rest and shop for innovative sofa beds online from our carefully curated collection of furniture.




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