What Should You Consider When Purchasing A Bed Frame?

Posted on15/07/2021

Having a good night’s sleep is essential for us to go through another day’s activities with sufficient energy and a well-recharged body. Simply sleeping through the night does not necessarily mean that we will be ready to take on the world in the morning, the quality of rest we’re getting is also dependent on our sleeping posture as well as the comfort of our bed and mattress.

Aside from your mattress, your bed frame is also an important piece of furniture that can either affect the appearance of the room or disrupt your sleep. You wouldn’t want a weak bed frame breaking on you halfway through your sleep. Here are some things you should consider when purchasing your bed frame.

1. Mattress Size

When shopping for your bed frame, you must consider the size of your mattress and match it to the bed frame. For instance, getting a king-sized bed frame for a king-sized mattress. This is important because a mismatched bed frame size will either cause discomfort or make your room interior appear odd.

If you already have a mattress, you can simply use it as your sizing guide. Otherwise, many furniture stores in Singapore do sell mattresses alongside their bed frames, you can always ask for guidance on choosing a set that matches, or simply refer to the size guide below for local Singapore standard sized mattresses. Do allow an allowance of +/-1cm variation.


91cm x 190cm

Super Single

107cm x 190cm


152cm x 190cm


182cm x 190cm

2. Support Type

bed frame supports your mattress and your body weight. Without proper support, your sleeping posture will be poor and your mattress may sag or wear out. 

There are two main bed bases in bed frame designs; bedsteads and divans.

I. Bedsteads 

bed frame with a lower height of 5 to 12 inches. The typical bedstead’s design promotes better airflow and breathability. They have slats that are 2 to 3 inches apart to provide flexible support for your mattress, but they have less flexibility than divans.

II. Divan 

A divan is typically just a solid bed base filled with a layer of springs and covered with a breathable fabric. The springs add flexibility to your mattress, absorbs your body weight and isolates motion. 

Divans are a great fit for certain mattresses, however, they are not compatible with other more popular mattresses such as memory foam or latex mattresses. The springs are also more susceptible to wear and tear.

JotterGoods 6’ King Bed

Bedsteads, on the other hand, can accommodate all mattress types and are extremely durable. There are generally 2 types of Bedsteads, those that come with orthopaedic slats or those with full panels.

Orthopaedic slats are intended to improve the orthopaedic properties of mattresses. This means that if you lie on a bed with orthopaedic slats, your spine will take a correct and comfortable position. However, slats are not recommended for pocket coil mattresses and some international brands do not extend warranty for their pocketed coil mattress if used with a slatted bed frame. 

While slatted bed bases provide excellent support, solid base panels offer even more stability as they give greater support to all areas of your mattress, resulting in a much firmer feel and better back support. However, the structure of the base panel may cause the mattress to feel too firm, resulting in less comfort while sleeping.

3. Height

While the height of the bed frame may seem like a redundant consideration, it actually also contributes to your comfort. 

A low-to-the-ground bed frame is ideal for those who are shorter in stature; getting into and out of bed will be easier and more comfortable than having to climb into bed and slowly slide out of bed for fear of falling from a height in your morning drowsy state.

If you’re buying a bed frame for someone with mobility issues, take note to get something of a taller height as the height can make getting in and out of bed easier than having to forcefully push themselves off the low bed. 

4. Materials

Bed frames come in a variety of materials, but the majority of them are made of wood and finished with some sort of upholstery; fabric or even PVC. While the majority of bed frame options are fairly sturdy,  wooden bed frames remain popular in Singapore for their durability and style.

Wooden bed frames can be made from a variety of materials, there are bed frames made of solid hardwood, and others made of veneer or melamine, which are highly durable and cost-effective options.

I. Veneer

A wood veneer is a thin layer of hardwood that has been bonded to a sheet of plywood. This process allows furniture makers to replicate the real wood look on pieces of furniture at a lower price point. 

Some of the advantages of veneer include its sustainability, durability, real wood feel, and unique colours and grain structures.

II. Melamine

Melamine is a hard resin that is used to cover a substrate like particleboard, medium-density fibreboard, or plywood. As a result, a plastic-like building material with wood grain details is created.

Melamine bed frames are very affordable and they provide numerous benefits such as durability, ease of maintenance, and a wide range of colours and prints.

When we shop for bed frames in Singapore, we mostly look at its appearance and whether it matches our mattress size. Now that we've filled you in on more tips for selecting a good and comfortable bed frame, it's time for you to go shopping for a better one to ensure a better night's rest.

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