Why Should You Be Getting Designer Furniture For Your Home?

Posted on12/08/2021

When most people hear the term “designer furniture,” they think of exorbitant pricing, frivolous purchases, and elitist products, but, we urge you to think about why it’s worth the money.

There are different varieties of furniture accessible not only in Singapore but also around the world when it comes to shopping for the proper form of furniture to decorate your home.

From vintage and antique pieces to the trendiest contemporary designs, the thousands of furniture options ranging from affordable to pricey leaves us spoilt for choice, with designer furniture priced towards the higher end of the spectrum due to the many qualities it possesses and benefits it brings. 

Viewed as practical accessories for the living environment by the furniture industry, designer furniture is usually conceptualised by an individual or a company trained or specialising in industrial or furniture design, or architecture.

In most cases, designer furniture features mid-century modern or contemporary styles crafted from the best quality materials such as solid wood or full-grain leather. It is no wonder that they tend to carry a higher price tag compared to their affordable counterparts, which are often mass-produced. 

Many Singaporeans believe that designer furniture is uncomfortable, not functional and simply intended to be pricey and stylish. However, while some designers specialise in creating such works, the majority of designer furniture is made with comfort, style and functionality in mind. Furthermore, an increasing number of designer furniture is being sold at affordable prices in local online furniture shops today, where any regular family can easily afford. 

If you’re not convinced yet, here are some reasons why designer furniture is worth the investment.

1. Quality

Quality is one of the most distinguishing features of designer furniture, and it is what distinguishes it from flat-packed ready-to-buy alternatives. Designers and manufacturers go to great lengths to assure the best quality, from spending years perfecting their craft and innovating the manufacturing process to developing a comfortable yet trendy piece of furniture.

Many pieces of designer furniture sold in Singapore's online furniture shops are evaluated for strength, durability, stability, and hypoallergenic properties, as well as the elasticity and comfort of the upholstery to assure the buyer's comfort and safety. Some are even tested for how the colours respond to light and friction, and how they feel against the skin.

With so much testing and thought involved in the process of designing and manufacturing a piece of designer furniture, its price tag may not seem that exorbitant to you after all. 

Moreover, it is far more cost-effective to purchase a $5,000 piece of furniture that will last you for more than a decade, rather than to get a cheaper one that can only last for a few years. You’ll wind up having to constantly buy new furniture to replace the faulty one.

2. Timelessness

Aartical Designer Furnitures

Designer furniture can be used as regular furniture but some are often used as statement pieces to add flair to your home. These pieces of furniture, because of how they’re skilfully crafted and carefully designed, possess traits that will not go out of style.

3. Design

One of the reasons why designer furniture is worth the price is because of its design. Although all furniture is functional, some pieces are designed with an eye-catching form to bring added delight, convenience and style to your life and home.

Designers and manufacturers put a lot of consideration into each design to ensure that it not only pleases the eye but also sits pleasantly and integrates seamlessly with its surroundings, while also considering the comfort levels of the furniture. The numerous hours spent picking out the right materials, angles and fixes are what really sets it apart from the market’s cheaper equivalents. 

Aside from the qualities and benefits mentioned above, another good thing to note is that designer furniture is far more sustainable. Due to the durability and long process of manufacturing designer furniture, people tend to buy less and throw out less furniture

From the aesthetic values it brings to the purposes it serves, designer furniture is also a great conversation starter when you have guests over. These pieces also please you and lighten your mood. 

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