4 Must-Have Features In A Study Table

Posted on23/12/2021

We all know the importance of having a conducive environment to study and work, but how many of us actually make the effort to create a pleasant study and workspace? Not only can having a decent setup help you stay productive, but it also makes studying and working more effective and enjoyable.

Take a look at these features you must have in your study table before getting started on designing your cosy home study or work corner

1. Cable Management System

A proper cable management system is essential for an organised desk in this day and age, as we use laptops, tablets, desktops and mobile phones all the time, whether for work, play or study.

With a cable management feature in your study table, you can easily organise your cords and identify the cables for different devices. This allows you to switch on and off the right devices without having to spend time untangling cables and figuring out which ones operate with which devices.

Crushing and sagging are likely to occur if cords are left to pile up on the floor or hang loosely behind your desk. Hence, cable management also extends the life and maximises the performance of your cables, reducing the need to replace them every few months.

2. Storage Space

A study table should come with plenty of storage space so that you can properly store books, stationery and other essential items you need for work or study.

The Eiffel Study Table, for example, provides additional shelves for frequently used items, and drawers for less frequently used items. These study tables allow you to keep everything within reach so you can quickly get what you need without having to get off your seat. 

Consider the Mantta Study Table if you want something more minimal but yet have enough storage capacity.

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3. Ample Work Space

The tabletop space is the most important aspect of a study table. A wide workspace will be necessary for studying because a student needs to refer to lots of notes and books. However, working individuals may not require a large study table because they may only need a small space for their laptops. 

If you have thoughts of purchasing a desktop monitor to extend your laptop screen, you might want to consider getting a larger study table that can fit both the monitor and your laptop comfortably.

The CASSY-MY Study Table comes with 2 drawers for storage and a wide tabletop that allows you to place more items on it. It is perfect for studying and for those who only need a small space for their laptop.

Consider the LOTTIE-N Study Table or BILBO-N Study Table if you’re looking for a desk that can accommodate a desktop monitor and your laptop. Both of them come with an elevated top and a wide tabletop space for other devices and documents.

4. Sturdy Foundation

Last but not least, a stable study table is important for a safe and comfortable home office. You don’t want your table to collapse and injure you or your family while you’re seated in front of it.

If you’re not sure how to tell if a study table is sturdy, simply look for one made out of wood, such as the Jotter Desk or Striell Study Table. Wood is a highly durable and strong material that can withstand daily wear and tear, as well as support heavy weights. 

When choosing a study table, do not just look for one that looks pretty in your home; pay more attention to its functionality and how it may help you study or work effectively at home.

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