Home Furniture: Chinese New Year Must-Haves

Posted on27/12/2021
It is customary for Chinese families to clean their homes and the surrounding areas before the start of a new year. As Chinese New Year is slowly approaching, are you starting to spring clean your home? 

In addition to spring cleaning, many families also replace old furniture with new pieces to welcome the new year and prepare their homes for guests. To help you get ready for the new year, we’ve compiled a list of important furniture items you will need in order to have a comfortable new year. 

1. Extendable Dining Table

Chinese families gather around the dining tables on the eve of Chinese New Year for a reunion dinner, a significant tradition in Chinese culture. It is an annual feast that gathers family members after a year of busyness to reaffirm the love and respect that binds them. It is also a way of ensuring cohesiveness in the family. 

Glacier Extendable Dining Table

For your reunion dinner, you will need a large dining table that can comfortably seat all of your immediate family members. Extendable dining tables are a good option if you don’t have a lot of space. They are an excellent alternative because they can be extended to house more people and even collapse into smaller versions that will fit nicely in your dining room. 

2. Dining Chairs & Benches

You'll need extra dining chairs and dining benches to accommodate everyone if you have a lot of guests coming up to your place and a lot of dinners happening over the course of 15 days.

Consider purchasing a set of stackable dining chairs, which will allow you to store them away at the end of the day and reuse them the following year. A dining bench is also a good investment because it allows many more people to fit onto one seat. They can also be stored beneath the dining table.

3. Coffee Tables

Chinese New Year visitations do not end right after a meaningful feast, it involves lots of catching up over tea and snacks, as well as multiple game sessions. Gathering around the coffee table for snacks and chit-chat during Chinese New Year is an activity we love having. 

Hence, a coffee table is an essential piece of living room furniture. It not only gives you a place to store your snacks but also gives your guests a place to put their drinks so they don’t have to hold them for the duration of their visit.  

Also, despite being a relatively small piece of furniture, coffee tables are one of the first things your guests will notice when they enter your home. So, make it stand out and leave an impression on your guests. 

4. Armchairs

 Skylar Occasional Chair with Swivel

Aside from dining chairs and benches for your visitors to rest on. Armchairs or occasional chairs are a great way to add visual interest to your home while also providing a comfortable seat for your guests, especially the elderly.

Having one or two interesting armchairs with unique designs can also be a great conversation starter, which is ideal for when things get awkward with distant relatives.

5. Buffet Table

Room Buffet Table With Storage Space

A sideboard, also known as a buffet, is a long, low piece of furniture that is used to store and display items in a dining room. It can also be used as an additional surface for serving food.

The buffet can provide additional storage space for your cutlery and crockery, allowing you to easily access them during all of your Chinese New Year meals. It also gives you an extra space to store your snacks and drinks for easy access if anyone wants to help themselves to more food and drinks.

Even after Chinese New Year, all of these pieces of furniture can still be useful in your daily life. They can even beautify your home in a variety of ways if you choose the right designs. 

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