Are Bed Frames Really Necessary?

Posted on08/04/2022

Having a stable and cushy bed to return to every night is a blessing, but this comfort may turn into a nightmare if you continue to sleep with the mattress placed on the floor. Why is that so? The floor, while sturdy, is not a good support for our mattress, neither is it good for our postural health. 

However, despite its affordability, people continue to sleep with their mattresses on the floor because they consider bed frames to be unnecessary pieces of furniture that eat up a portion of their budget and take up additional space. Today, we share with you the importance of bed frames. 

1. Protects mattress

Our mattresses have to deal with bodily fluids such as sweat when we sleep, which will eventually turn into mould and pose a threat to our health if not treated properly. Mould can also attract pests such as booklice. Placing your mattress on a bed frame will help improve airflow, allowing air to circulate and prevent mould from forming.

Besides preventing mould, bed frames also hold our mattress above the ground and prevent insects from crawling onto our bed or around us during our sleep. Leaving your mattress on the floor allows insects to easily come into contact with you and even increases the likelihood of bed bug infestation. Insects may also eat into the material of your mattress, causing damages in the long run. 

2. Provides support

bed frame provides support for your mattress, which in turn supports your body. They are specially designed to evenly support the weight of your mattress, reducing the possibility of sagging or exposing your back to health hazards. Hence, the sturdy centre support is essential, especially for a queen- and king-sized one with heavier weight. If there is no support, you will gradually damage your mattress and eventually your back. 

The bed frame also holds your mattress firmly in position, preventing it from sliding around and becoming a tripping hazard, or your bedsheets from getting dishevelled in the middle of the night and accidentally suffocating you. This is why it is important to get an appropriate bed frame size to accommodate your mattress. You cannot expect a king-sized mattress to fit into a single bed frame, neither should you place a single mattress on a king-size bed frame as the mattress and bedsheets will shift around too easily. 

3. Increases lifespan of mattress

Mattresses are not cheap and this expensive purchase cannot be made too frequently. A bed frame will help ensure that your mattress lasts a long time. Besides comfort, bed frames ensure that your mattress is well supported, reducing the average wear and tear and extending the life expectancy of your mattress. When your mattress retains its positive qualities for a longer period of time, you get to enjoy a good night’s rest and won’t have to look for a new mattress so soon. 

4. Improves sleep health

As mentioned earlier, bed frames provide better airflow. This prevents heat from becoming trapped underneath your mattress and provides you with better comfort during your sleep. The elevated bed also makes it easier for you to get up and off the bed, increasing the level of comfort and protecting your joints. 

5. Extra storage space

Aside from the primary purpose of supporting your mattresses, many bed frames now include storage compartments to provide us with additional storage space for better organisation. This is ideal for small homes that require extra storage; you can easily organise your belongings and keep your home clutter-free.

Although a bed frame is not for everyone, it is unquestionably beneficial to you. Do not simply toss your new mattress on the floor. Instead, go shopping for a proper bed frame for a better night’s sleep.

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