Shopping for Furniture on a Budget: How to Not Break the Bank

Posted on18/04/2022

Are you browsing through tons of furniture catalogues, only to be disappointed by some very high price tags? Some furniture shops in Singapore offer their furniture pieces at such exorbitant prices that many of us cannot comfortably afford them, or we simply don’t wish to fork out that much money. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to furnish your home without sacrificing comfort, quality, and aesthetics, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll share with you some tips for shopping for furniture on a budget. 

1. Shop Online

Online shopping is now the norm because it brings about a whole range of benefits such as convenience and extra savings. Shopping on online furniture shops allows you to easily pull out information about each piece of furniture and compare prices across different brands within one computer. Furthermore, online furniture shops also display all the information you need to know about a specific item, making it easier for you to quickly do your research to find out more about its material and maintenance requirements. 

With the ability to easily compare pieces and product specifications, you can make better purchase decisions most suited to your needs and budget. 

2. Purchase from One-Stop Furniture Shops

There are many single-product furniture brands in the market specialising in one product instead of offering a full range of home furniture to the consumers. These brands often market their products as some of the best pieces with seemingly amazing features that cannot be found elsewhere. Truth be told, the same specifications and features can be found at cheaper rates when you purchase from one-stop furniture shops. 

For example, an ergonomic chair can cost at least $500 when you buy it from a single-product brand that specialises in it. However, a similar, yet more affordable ergonomic chair can be purchased at only $200 from a one-stop furniture store. Although there may be a difference in design and you don’t get to be the consumer of a certain brand, you get to enjoy greater savings when you choose practicality. 

3. Buy Multifunctional Furniture

Aside from monetary savings, multifunctional furniture is practical and can even help you save space. Although there are essential pieces of furniture we need in a home in order to live comfortably, the list can be adjusted to help you save more. 

Some multifunctional furniture includes sofa beds and storage beds, where you can convert your sofa into a bed at night and save money on getting two separate pieces, or store your belongings below your bed instead of getting additional storage furniture. 

There are also other types of furniture that can double up as something new to help you save costs. For example, instead of buying both a coffee table and a dining table, save the extra money by purchasing only a coffee table and use it for all your meals. You can even work and host guests around your coffee table. 

4. Buy One Piece at a Time

Many homeowners waste money on unnecessary furniture because they buy on impulse rather than with serious consideration. Buying one piece of furniture at a time can help you not only spread out your spending but also give you more time to consider whether you really need a particular product.

Begin by purchasing the bare necessities for survival, such as your bed, wardrobe, sofa, and TV console. Then, try living in the house for a while to see what you really need to live comfortably, which could be an extra shelf, a coffee table, or a study desk. This way, you only spend money on what you really need. 

Aside from making an informed purchase, there are additional steps you must take in order to shop for furniture without overspending, such as proper budgeting and saving extra cash each month prior to making your purchase.




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