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  • 5 Telltale Signs That You Need to Redesign Your Dining Room Today
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    Star Living

5 Telltale Signs That You Need to Redesign Your Dining Room Today

In Singapore, we typically choose to have our house renovated only once, if at all, before moving in and spending the rest of our lives there. Some of us have no plans to renovate again after moving in, while others occasionally freshen up the space by moving things around or touching up the walls with new paint. Some families may even relocate once or twice in special circumstances, but the vast majority of Singaporeans usually prefer to remain in the same place.

The part of our home where we share the most conversations over a hearty meal is the dining room, it is where we eat the majority of our meals, and where we spend a lot of time bonding with our friends and family. A comfortable dining room that complements your family’s lifestyle is essential, especially for Singapore families who prioritise “makan” sessions and good food.

Is it time for you to switch out your old dining chairs for new ones? What are some signs that you should redesign or renovate your dining room today?

1. You need more space

Have you been adding more dining chairs to the dining table? Or buying a foldable dining table to accommodate more people?

Perhaps you’ve started having children, or your children have grown up, or perhaps they’re married and bringing their spouses home for dinner more frequently; instead of having everyone at two separate tables, or squeezing at one table, get a bigger and newer wooden dining table to seat everyone.

2. The dining room does not match your style anymore

People change, and so will your tastes, if your dining room has been an eyesore to you for a while and you feel that it no longer matches what you currently like, then it is time for a change.

Here are some of our recommendations:

For a Scandinavian style, opt for the Monza-N3 Dining Table paired with the Barley-N2 Dining Chair

For a Modern-Industrial style, go for the Avis Extendable Dining Table and the Benji-O Stackable Dining Chair

3. Wear and tears

The dining room is prone to wear and tear because a lot of activity happens in that room; spillage, chipping, and scratches are all inevitable.

Furniture that has been used for ages, especially, will spoil and need constant fixing. When the furniture in your dining room starts to fall apart and show obvious signs of wear and tear, it may be time to start looking for new dining furniture to replace the old ones.

We recommend you getting a new wooden dining table, as it is not only going to refresh the look of your dining room, but it is also a timeless piece of furniture that is durable and versatile; you can place a wooden dining table in a variety of homes with varying design styles and they’ll do fine.

Some of our favourite wooden dining tables include:

A. Bilbo-N Dining Table

Made out of walnut veneer with medium-density fibreboards (MDF) and solid wood frame, the Bilbo-N Dining Table is a durable dining table, boasting a walnut colour.

B. Ares-B Dining Table

A dining table made out of dark wood, coupled with black coated glass top and powder coated legs, perfect for modern-industrial design styles

4. Things are dirty and can’t be easily cleaned

Dirt can be easily removed from wooden dining tables and chairs, but if your dining chairs have cushions or fabric on them, chances are there is a lot of bacteria and dust stuck in them; if there are stains, these are also difficult to remove. Time to refresh the look of your dining room by getting a set of new dining chairs.

5. Work From Home Habits

With COVID-19, offices have turned into empty spaces, and homes have turned into mini offices.

Your dining room might have been turned into a home office for yourself or your family members, and it may not be conducive for work.

Instead of squeezing a few family members at a small dining table, opt for a larger wooden dining table that can house more people and provide you with extra space for your stationeries and gadgets.

Dining chairs are also important at this point, you’re no longer seated at your dining table for only an hour, but for long working hours. It is essential that you purchase comfortable dining chairs for a more pleasant work from home experience. Otherwise, shop for home office furniture to create your own conducive work environment.

Comfortable dining tables and chairs of good quality are essential for a good dining experience. Furthermore, your home dining room is probably more than just a place for meals to happen; it’s also where you spend long hours when you have friends and family over, why not redesign your dining room today to make it a cosy corner for you and your loved ones?

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    Star Living