How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Home?

Posted on16/07/2020

Dining tables are one piece of furniture that is guaranteed to be a workhorse in our homes. Rarely used as just a surface to eat from, they’ve become a place to work, a place to gather and reconnect or to partake in family activities such as arts and crafts with your little ones. It goes without saying that it pays to choose the perfect dining table for your home as they are very much an investment.

If you are having quite a hard time choosing a dining table from your go-to online furniture shop in Singapore, read on to narrow the gap and arrive at a final decision. Here are our tips on how to choose the perfect dining table for your home.

1. Always go bigger than you think is necessary

The hardest thing is when you think “We don’t really sit at the dining table that much,” or “There are only three of us.” Well, there may be only three of you, but if you have a dining room that is suited for a table for six then you would be able to eat and move freely. The mistake is to opt for, say, a small wooden dining table and regret the decision due to restrictions on space from cramped movements.

2. Leave three feet of clearance space

If you go too far the other way, cramming in an extendable dining table that’s too big for space, it will look overwhelming and cluttered. The magic number here is three. You want to keep approximately three feet of space open behind your chairs in order to leave room for you and your guests to get up and down from the table.

3. Choose a round table if you’re short on space

Round tables are a great compact use of space. They tend to have smaller footprints than rectangular or square, so you can usually fit them into a space that isn’t ideal for a different type of table. They are also great for in-kitchen dining spaces, breakfast nooks, and open-concept living-eating areas.

4. Get a glass table if you have a dark apartment

If your mind says “I want the space to feel light and airy.” then know that it is a common request, but unfortunately not every home has an abundance of space or great natural light. The answer? A glass table. It will always open up and lighten any space. Since glass doesn’t absorb or allow liquids to pass through it, when spills occur, you only need to use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe the mess, making cleaning ease.

5. Don’t be afraid of metallics

Yes, wooden dining tables are classic, however, gold, silver, brass, iron and all the metallics in between stand strong on their own. Also, they pair well with practically every colour or pattern under the sun. You basically never have to worry if your copper table legs will match the great new wallpaper you find because the answer will always be yes! Do not be afraid to mix metals, either. The thought of two shiny shades being side by side can frighten some folks, it is a safer bet to avoid being redundant and too matchy in your design.

Yes, the shapes of your dining table matter but it is all about technicalities too

When choosing your dining table and dining chairs, it is not all about the shape (though they play a huge part too), you also need to consider the technicalities of your dining room, the space, and the size of your family. This way, you are guaranteed to never go wrong.

Ready to pick your dining table now? Check out more on our website and get that perfect table for your home today.

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