Debunking 5 Myths About Sofas and Couches

Posted on06/08/2020

Mythologies about furniture have always been part of your literature textbooks and animated films. In them, you have probably gathered some stories about leathered sofas and couches that might have even intimidated you in buying one for yourself. Well, this article will provide you with some relief by debunking the existing myths about living room furniture, especially the sofas you see in online Singapore stores!

1. Sofas and couches get thirsty

When you were a child you probably thought that the professional cleaners are giving your couch some soap and water so they can be hydrated. It must be embarrassing to know that it was not what they were doing after all because they were actually cleaning it. While “quenching their thirst” has good intentions, you should not let water or colored drinks spill on your couch or your sofa bed because it could damage it. Also, allow it to be professionally cleaned once or twice a year only.

2. You should get an “anti-claw” type if you have pets

As good as it sounds to have an “anti-claw” sofa so you could cuddle with your cat whenever you want, it just isn’t true. These types of sofas only have a smooth fabric that is less attractive for your pets. For pet-friendly sofas, leather has always been a good choice since it would be hard for the claws to penetrate its surface. Consider getting one that has legs made of aluminum to avoid it being a scratching post.

3. Leather sofas are too high maintenance

This is a false statement as you would not have to worry about buying special solutions to clean a genuine leather sofa. It does not mean that they are low-maintenance either because you have to make an effort to clean them regularly. Daily dusting could be helpful too if you have pets living with you. Other than that, you can rely on its long lifespan and enjoy its leather appeal that adds aesthetic to your space.

 4. Getting a corner sofa takes up more space

You must have seen this in televisions when they show bachelor pads because they look big when it is the opposite. In a dense country like Singapore, corner sofa beds are homeowners’ treasure because it allows them to have more space to sit on (or sleep on).

 5. A new, quality sofa does not smell

Last but not least, it is a common misconception that new upholstered furniture like leather sofas should not have odors. Well, this is not always true especially if you have a leather sofa, the natural delightful robust smell of the leather is what you have paid for and if the legs of the sofa are made of natural timbre, then you could expect the smell of conifers. This is nothing to be worried about as the smell will disappear within five days and you can enjoy your new couch!

Where should you buy a new sofa?

Now that you possess more profound knowledge about sofas and couches, you have more confidence in knowing which online sofa stores in Singapore to trust. With STAR Living’s wide selection of leather sofas and sofa beds, you would be able to utilize what you have learned here.

Take your time to explore and examine the wide selection of sofas and couches that we have available on our website today!




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