The Most Common Mistakes When Shopping for Sofa Furniture

Posted on14/09/2020

Shopping and planning for your new home is undoubtedly an exciting affair. Beyond showcasing your creativity and style, it’s fun to host your friends in the comfort of your own living room. That said, many Singapore homeowners often get carried away as they shop online for sofas, leading to many common mistakes.

With sofas being the priciest furniture in your living room, we’re here to share some common mistakes to help you make the right choice while minimizing your likelihood of a regret purchase.

1. Not checking for a proper fit

One of the most common things that homeowners overlook, your dream sofa set has to first fit in your living room! Modern sofas come in various shapes and sizes, and with Singapore apartments growing more compact, it is critical to ensure your sofa can fit into your living room by considering the floor plan and layout, along with its placement against your other furniture.

But that’s not all! There are numerous things to consider when measuring the dimensions of a sofa, such as whether the sofa can be dismantled and reassembled in your flat, whether it can fit in the elevator, and then through your front door. A good way to avoid this is to visit a showroom in Singapore, or enquiring for more details as you shop online for your sofa.

2. Not testing before buying

Style and aesthetics are lovely, but a comfortable sofa is essential. After all, no one wants to crash onto a hard sofa after a tiring day’s work, especially when a good sofa lasts you for years. Many Singapore homeowners view their sofas online and commit to purchasing simply because they find the visuals attractive or at their friends’ recommendations, only to find that it is not as firm or cushy as they like.

This is especially important, for long-duration use of sofas, such as binge-watching your favorite television show. To avoid this, we highly encourage visiting a showroom and testing it out for yourself.

3. Not considering individual needs

Too often, new homeowners purchase sofa furniture simply because it is aesthetically pleasing, or based on their friends’ recommendations. The truth is that each Singapore home has its own unique concerns - from a family member being sensitive to allergens, to have young kids and pets in the house. The type of sofa choice matters greatly in having a pleasant sofa experience across the years.

A common contrast is between fabric and leather sofas, each with their pros and cons. Fabric sofas offer a greater variety of colors, but maybe less resistant to scratches and spills by young kids and pets. A leather sofa withstands more punishment, but is often considered less soft and cushy and requires more upkeep.

4. Not considering multi-purpose sofas

While sofas are chiefly for comfy seating, that doesn’t have to be their only purpose. For example, sofa beds are growing in popularity for Singapore homes, due to their multi-purpose nature of doubling up as a bed. They offer space savings, provide a spare place for guests to rest, or even replace beds for the budget-conscious - perfect for young couples who prefer a modern living room.

Looking for the ideal sofa for your living room? Visit Star Living today and see our online collection of sofas in Singapore.




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