Upkeeping Your Sofa: 5 Tips On Prolonging Your Sofa’s Life

Posted on19/10/2020

We take care of our prized possessions, and our sofas should be no different. As the single most expensive piece of furniture in your living room, our sofas experience constant wear and tear, and deserve proper care to prolong their lifespan. Be it leather sofas or fabric ones, here are 5 tips to make the most out of your sofa purchase, helping you and your family enjoy it for the years to come.

1. Learn some handy cleaning tricks

There are many cleaning tips to help your sofa stay in tip-top condition. They range from applying both leather cleaner and leather protector to maintain a firm and shiny exterior for your leather sofa, utilizing absorbent cloths to soak up spills, and tackling stains with a variety of different chemicals, from lukewarm water to alcohol and glycerin. Equally importantly, you should also strive to maintain a regular cleaning routine for your sofa, keeping it tidy with a weekly wipe down and doing a more thorough cleaning after heavier use, such as after having guests over.

2. Vacuum your sofa frequently

Just because we can’t see dust and dirt, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Many Singaporeans will regularly vacuum carpets and floors, but forget to vacuum their fabric and leather sofas. This allows dust, dirt, and germs to accumulate not just within sofa gaps, but also on the fabric itself. For homeowners who use a sofa bed to sleep, or have young children with allergies, this can lead to a poorer quality of life. You should aim to vacuum your sofa every few weeks, or whenever you are also vacuuming the rest of your home as well.

3. Reduce your sofa’s exposure to sunlight

Singapore is a hot and humid country, and many of us leave the windows and blinds open to allow for better airflow. However, UV rays from sunlight are incredibly damaging to fabric and leather sofas, breaking down the chemical bonds and causing them to fade in color and appear bleached. Try to use blinds and curtains when you’re not using your sofa, or consider tinting your windows to reduce the amount of UV light entering your home. Alternatively, arrange your sofa so that it stays out of range of direct sunlight from the windows.

4. Avoid eating messy food and drinks

It can be tempting to lounge and watch shows from your sofa bed or leather sofa, but for sugary drinks and crumbly snacks, try to leave them at the dining table, or eat them at your coffee table. A careless spill or unconsciously wiping your hands on the sofa fabric can lead to unsightly stains and smells, making it both a hassle to clean and remove, as well as breeding bacterial growth and potentially causing unpleasant odors.

5. Schedule a professional deep cleaning

General sofa maintenance only goes so far. Calling in trained professionals with proper equipment ensures that your sofa gets a proper deep cleaning with powerful chemicals. Ideally, you should aim to arrange for a cleaning once or twice every few years, however this may be increased to two or three times yearly if you have pets or young children in your home.

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