5 Tips on How to Ensure Your Wooden Furniture Lasts

Posted on17/08/2020

A wooden furniture’s eternal beauty and robust quality are what make them so appealing to homeowners. Whether it is carved in the form of chair or bed frames, in Singapore, it is widely adored because it gives an unmatched richness that makes it worthy despite its high value. By following the right level of maintenance for your wooden furniture, you would be able to make them last for your family’s next generations to use and enjoy.

In this article, you will learn effective tips on how to ensure the longevity of your wooden furniture and be able to pass it down as a treasured heirloom! 

1. Place it away from sunlight

When timber is exposed to heat, it will expand. This occurrence is called thermal expansion which will cause the warping, swelling, and possible shrinkage of your wooden furniture. You can help prevent this process by placing it away from direct sunlight as the light and heat can also cause fading of wood.

2. Dust and clean it regularly

If you have bought a chest of drawers, then you should include its interior when you are dusting it because it is not protected from airborne particles. Over time the particles can build a layer on the wood that can scratch its exteriors. Weekly dusting and necessary cleaning will keep this buildup of dust at bay. Just remember to dust using a soft, lint-free cloth and never use spirit-based cleaners.

3. Avoid using soaps or chemical cleaning agent

Today’s commercial polishers and sprays for wooden furniture include damaging ingredients like petroleum distillates or silicone oil. This is not suited for wooden furniture like your bed frame from Singapore because inhaling them can cause harmful health conditions. It is recommended to clean with a cloth slightly damped in natural water. Avoid the use of soap or any chemical cleaning agent. Do not forget the legs too!

4. Add another surface protection

For better maintenance, you should consider adding another layer of protection for the surface of your wooden dinner and study table. You can cover it with a tablecloth to protect it from absorbing watermarks from cold and hot drinks. Alternatively, you can also incorporate placemats/coasters to prevent rings marks from developing on the surface of its natural wood grain!

5. Know first-aid repairs

Although prevention is key in giving your beloved wooden dinner table a long life, accidents can still occur. Thus, it would be handy to know some first-aid repair response in cases like:

  • Nail polish - blot the spill, then rub it with fine steel wool you can find in hardware stores. Wipe it with a cloth that has a small amount of the wax you regularly use.
  • Gum - the bottom of your chest of drawers could fall victim to these incidents so hold an ice cube against it to harden the gum, then peel it with a fingernail.
  • Water ring marks - cover the stain with a clean blotter, then press it down with warm iron until it is gone. Other options include rubbing it with salad oil or white toothpaste.
  • Cigarette burns - immediately rubbing it with scratch-concealing polish or with a salad oil is an effective way to make the burn mark disappear from any surface of the wood like your bed frames.

Of course, all of these would be achievable if you follow the steps above.

So, are you ready to commit to a vigorous task of preserving a possible treasured heirloom? Explore the varieties of wooden dinner tables we have on our website to get you started today!




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