Choosing Between Sintered Stone and Wooden Dining Table

Posted on17/09/2021
Sintered stone is a relatively new material that has grown in popularity in recent years because it’s presumably one of the strongest materials in the market right now. Some may even argue that it’s superior to wood. 

You may be thinking, if it’s better than wood, then wouldn’t it be the best material for anything? Well, sintered stone still has its downsides, and we’re here to share more about this material with you. Before you wander into a furniture shop asking for all their sintered stone products, take a look at this comparison between sintered stone and wooden dining tables

What is Sintered Stone?

Sintered stone is created through sintering, which is the process of joining multiple materials into a single solid piece using extreme heat and pressure without melting it. It is constructed of natural materials that have been moulded into exceptionally robust and durable slabs. These slabs can be used for kitchen countertops, furniture, worktops, shelves, and more.

Pros of Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone Dining Table

1. Extremely Durable

The sintering process produces a material that is exceptionally strong, making sintered stone resistant to a variety of damages. It is scratch-resistant, resistant to extreme cold and hot temperatures, resistant to bending if properly installed, waterproof, suitable for high traffic, and even UV-resistant.

Because of its many qualities, it is most typically used as a kitchen countertop, but it is also a popular choice for dining tables.

2. Sustainable

Sintered stone is a sustainable material, especially if its materials are sourced responsibly. As it’s made of natural materials, the sintered stone top of your dining table can be recycled after many years of use.

3. Easy to Clean & Maintain

The dining table is where lots of spills and stains happen. With sintered stone, that will no longer be a worry because it is very easy to clean and maintain. It’s resistant to chemical cleaning agents and a simple wipe-down will suffice. 

4. Food-Safe

Sintered stone is a non-porous material due to the way it was manufactured. This means no tiny holes for germs, bacteria or other harmful substances to get trapped in. Since it is also very easy to clean, wiping down the dining table before a meal will keep it hygienic and safe for everyone. 

5. Variety 

Sintered stones are printed with colours and designs on the surface since the natural patterns cannot withstand the sintering process. This allows a wide variety of options to choose from, each tabletop suitable for different home design styles.

Cons of Sintered Stone

1. Difficult to Repair

Despite their incredible strength, any huge impact can still cause sintered stone dining tables to chip and crack at the edges. These damages are difficult to repair due to the way it was made; you will either have to live with the chip or crack or get a new sintered stone dining table.

In Comparison to Wooden Dining Tables

Wooden Dining Table

Sintered stone dining tables may seem very desirable now that you’ve learnt about their amazing benefits. However, wooden dining tables actually have rather similar properties. Wooden dining tables, especially if made out of hardwood, have sturdy construction, impressive quality and can withstand wear for years. They can even be passed down generations. If sourced responsibly, wooden dining tables are also sustainable and can be recycled. 

Besides, natural wood grains are a delight to look at. Not only are they warm and inviting, but they are also timeless and will always remain in style. 

Compared to sintered stone dining tables, another great thing about wooden dining tables is their impressive ability to restore or fix. Even if there is damage or dent, you can always fix it easily.

One problem is that wood is especially vulnerable to water and moisture, therefore they need to be either sealed regularly or kept as dry as possible at all times. 

Whether you’re gravitating towards sintered stone dining tables or wooden ones, Star Living is the place to go. Shop all your furniture needs at Star Living, where a variety of pieces from different signature brands can be found. 




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