Interior Styling Tips For An Instagram Ready Home

Posted on12/10/2021

Having seen a plethora of interior design photos on the internet, it is probably one of your dreams to live in a house that is aesthetically pleasing and Instagram-worthy. Living in a beautifully decorated house not only makes you feel good but also motivates you to keep your house clean and tidy at all times. 

Besides, how proud would you be if your guests were in awe of your interior and your friends on social media sang praises of your home interior photos? If you want to create a home interior worthy of thousands of likes and comments on the internet, this article will give you all the right styling and photography tips to achieve that.

Interior Styling

1. Clear The Clutter

Clean and Uncluttered Interior Design

The first step to styling an amazing interior is to declutter. A cluttered home makes it hard for you to visualise how things will look when they’re rearranged, it also appears messy and uncomfortable. So, always make sure to remove the things that you no longer need and keep only the essential items that “spark joy in you,” as Marie Kondo would say. 

This is a good time to get yourself some new chest of drawers from online designer furniture shops in Singapore that will help you efficiently organise all your belongings while also fitting nicely into your interior. 

Apart from decluttering and cleaning up your home, clearing the clutter also means only having furniture that you need, and letting space beautify your home for you. You don’t need to fill every corner of your home with furniture pieces, just a selection of them is sufficient. 

 2. Unique Designer Furniture

Unique Furniture Piece in a Space

Designer furniture is a must-have in any home because it features very unique elements and styles. Rather than adorning your entire home with designer furniture, it is sometimes preferable to have loose pieces of it in various parts of the room. So, for example, an accent armchair in the corner of your living room, a chest of drawers with quirky handles by your bed, or even an odd-shaped lamp.

3. Colours & Textures

Colorful Interior Design Idea

Vibrant and rich colours, as well as an assortment of textures, are great for interiors. Although, it is also dependent on the design style of your home. If you’re into eclectic, bohemian and art deco styles, colour variety is essential. However, if you like industrial and minimalist design styles, you may choose to go for a monochromatic colour scheme. 

Adding a soft fluffy blanket and some cushions to your leather sofa, laying a contrasting colour carpet beneath your coffee table, or even opting for mismatched dining chairs for variety are just a few ways to introduce colours and textures.

4. Small Decorative Items

Korean Style Interior Design

Have you ever gone into a prop shop and left thinking you'd never use those cute figurines? Well, you’re wrong. Small decorative items such as coasters, figurines, candles, and even your trinket dish for jewellery storage can all be used to decorate your home to make it appear cosier or more aesthetically pleasing. 

Even if some of these items serve no purpose other than to look pretty on your shelf or chest of drawers, they add a lot of aesthetic value to your home.

Some styling ideas include stacking three display books on a side table and topping it with a cute coaster and nice candle, or styling a potted plant next to three candles of different sizes, placed on top of a small lace mat. 

5. Multiple Photo Corners

Finally, in order to create an Instagram-worthy home, you should have multiple corners at home where you can snap photos and post them online. It will be boring for you to always take photos of the same corner, and even more so for your friends and family, looking at the same photo over and over. 

No matter how small a house is, there will always be a way to rearrange your furniture pieces to create new corners.

Here are some ideas:

Minimalist Interior Design

  1. Position a floor lamp next to your window covered by a white sheer day curtain. Then, place an accent armchair slightly in front of the floor lamp, then throw a soft blanket over the seat. 
  2. Place a large standing mirror on top of a large, round fluffy rug. Then, position a large potted plant on one side, and a small chest of drawers on the other. Place some candles or some display books on the top of your chest of drawers. This corner is good for taking OOTDs (outfit of the day). 
  3. Add a soft throw over your sofa and place one to two large cushions on it. Then, add some framed art to the wall behind your sofa and place a large potted plant or a floor lamp next to your sofa. 
  4. For your dining table, lay a long thin strip of patterned fabric down the centre length of your table, add a wooden tray filled with a small vase of flowers and some decorative candles to the middle of your table. 

Taking Interior Photos Like A Pro

1. Ample Lighting

Depending on the interior of your home, lighting can be especially important for your photos to turn out well. It may not be necessary to have a lot of light in industrial and modern home design styles, but it is important to let sunlight fill your space in other styles.

Interior Design Ideas for Room

Rather than using artificial lighting in your home, which can cause the colour of your furniture to appear off-colour on camera, try to take your photos during the day when there is plenty of sunlight. The sun's rays and the soft shadows they cast can be breathtaking.

2. Don’t Shoot Too Wide

People often take interior photos with wide-angle lenses, but this can cause the items in your home to appear distorted on camera. While shooting with wide-angle lenses is acceptable, do not go too wide. Instead, take a few steps back to try to capture everything, or choose to capture only parts of it. Not showing everything can sometimes make the photos look even better.

3. Constant Adjustments

When shooting, it is important to style and constantly readjust everything until you achieve the desired results. It’s not a crime to spend two to three hours taking photos, so take your time and gradually fine-tune the angle that you prefer. Take a lot of photos to shortlist and choose from later on. 

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