Styling Mismatched Dining Chairs: How To Make Them Work Perfectly

Posted on19/10/2021

The use of mismatched dining chairs in homes is an interesting interior trend we've noticed popping up over the years; while it may not be popular in Singapore, it is a common decorating style in many other countries.

Have you ever walked into a furniture store and struggled to choose between several options wishing you can bring home everything? With this decorating style, you can now bag home more than one dining chair design to add personality and interest to your dining table.

While mismatched dining chairs are more commonly found in homes decorated in an eclectic, art deco, or bohemian style, there are ways to integrate them even if your home isn't decked in these styles. Learn a thing or two from us and follow these easy steps to successfully style mismatched dining chairs in your home.

1. Pieces from the Same Design Style

When you mix and match different types of chairs, the appearance of your dining area can also become cluttered and messy. Choosing dining chairs with a similar design style, such as those with design elements popular during a specific period or generation, is one of the simplest ways to combat this. For example, choosing chairs from the Renaissance era, mid-century modern styles, or traditional styles.

Although different, coming from the same "family" of dining chair styles helps to connect the separate elements to create a harmonious appearance.

2. One Similarity

Matching the chairs with one key characteristic, similar to getting dining chairs of a single design style, is a way of making them look cohesive. You want to achieve visual harmony with intentionally inconsistent design elements rather than creating a complete mess with random chair designs.

Colour scheme, texture, or material can be used to tie these mismatched dining chairs together. Perhaps each chair is upholstered in a similar shade of brown, or they are covered in a different colour fabric with the same texture or material.

3. Similar Seat Height

The most important rule to consider is to keep the height of your dining chairs consistent. The height of the backrest can vary, and you can even match your dining chairs with a dining bench, but the seat height should not differ significantly. People are going to find dining together awkward and uncomfortable if there is a noticeable difference in seat heights.

4. Conceal With Accessories

Mismatched Dining Chairs

Worried that your mismatched dining chairs may appear too incoherent? Conceal them with accessories like a sheepskin or faux fur throw or large cushions. They can help you in adding a common element to the chairs to achieve visual harmony and fool the eye a little.

5. Pair The Chairs

If you don't like being too adventurous and would like to keep things simple while presenting something a little more quirky than the typical dining rooms seen in Singapore, pair your dining chairs such that there are only two or three different styles around your dining table.

Sometimes simply pairing your dining chairs with a different dining bench is enough to add visual interest to your space without detracting from the aesthetics of your home. 

Need some inspiration? Check out these pairings:   

1. Jupiter Dining Chair + Gloria Dining Chair + Joker Long Bench w/ Backrest

The contrast between these three pieces are subtle because of their fabric upholstery and similar colour – grey. This combination will work well in modern and contemporary interiors. 

Dining Chairs and Bench Singapore

2. Heather Dining Chair in Brown + Phantom Dining Chair w/ Swivel in Black

Upholstered in a similar PU leather, featuring the same chesterfield-like patterns on the backrest, both dining chairs will fit perfectly into your modern-luxury or contemporary dining room.

Colored Dining Chairs

Look no further if you're looking for one-of-a-kind dining chair and dining bench designs ideal for creating a mismatched dining table look in your home. Star Living is home to seven distinct industry brands, bringing you a wide range of dining chair pieces suitable for all types of dining arrangements. Shop for all of your furniture needs right here.




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