Choosing Furniture: Inspired By Pantone's Spring/Summer 2022 Colour Trend

Posted on28/02/2022
The spring and summer seasons are energetic and vibrant times of the year that inspire us to travel and experience life outside. Although Singapore does not have clear-cut seasons, we can experience the warmth and colour of these seasons by incorporating them into our homes. 

Many online furniture shops in Singapore carry a wide range of furniture designs and styles that can help us transform our homes and transport us into another country. Do you want to bring the feel of spring and summer into your home? Be inspired by Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2022 Colour Trend for London Fashion Week.

Pantone’s Fashion Colour Trend Report Spring/Summer 2022 includes ten vibrant colours that forecast fashion design trends for the upcoming London Fashion Week. Although these colours are intended to inspire the fashion industry, you can use them to inspire your home interior design as well. Simply keep an eye out for furniture pieces in similar colours when you browse through online furniture shops

According to Pantone Colour Institute experts, the chosen colours reflect our desire for balance, joy and uplift as the world moves through a changing landscape. Colours that express our desire for comfort, clarity, security, and familiarity, as well as a reflection of free-spirited optimism and a sense of freedom.

The Spring/Summer 2022 London Colour Palette includes:

The Spring Summer 2022 London Colour Palette

Here’s how you can inject these heaps of bright colours into your home with Star Living’s range of furniture.

1. Kate Dining Chair

Coral Rose Dining Chair in Online Furniture Shop

The Kate Dining Chair is a pink velvet chair with gold plated metal legs that would look great in a modern luxury interior. It exudes an elegant spring vibe that will liven up any dining room. This piece is similar to the colour Coral Rose, which is a vibrant floral tone with an energising presence.

2. Dolce Lounge Suite

Dolce lounge Suite Ideal Living Room Furniture

The Dolce Lounge Suite is a blush-coloured full leather sofa with adjustable headrests that is ideal for a warm and relaxing day at home. Its colour is much like the colour Potpourri, which is a fresh pastel pink tone that is light-hearted and carefree. 

3. Amazon-N High Chair

Amazon N High Chair in Online Furniture

The Amazon-N High Chair is a brown textured fabric high chair suitable for nights with a glass of wine. It features a soothing warm brown tone similar to Pantone’s Sudan Brown - a naturally rich earth-baked brown linked to the great outdoors. 

4. Canary-N Stackable Stool

Canary N Stackable Stool in Online Furniture

The Canary-N Stackable Stool is a bright yellow Polypropylene seat that you can easily stow away when not in use. It is similar to the cheery Popcorn colour, which exudes warmth and positivity to all. 

5. Dahlia-A Office Chair

Dahlia A Office Chair in Online Furniture

The Dahlia-A Office Chair is a comfortable ergonomic chair that will help you lead a healthy and productive work-life at home. It has an airy black mesh backrest and a bright olive seat, similar to Pantone's Fragile Sprout, adding colour to your home.

6. Elsie L-Shaped Sofa

Elsie LShaped Sofa Ideal Living Room Furniture

The Elsie L-Shaped Sofa is covered in a cool blue tone similar to Pantone's Super Sonic. The colours are vibrant and electric in intensity, soothing yet stimulating, making this the ideal living room furniture for homeowners who enjoy relaxing in a lively environment.

7. Cricket Bar Chair

Cricket Bar Chair in Online Furniture

An antique brown bar chair perfect for modern industrial or vintage home interiors, the Cricket Bar Chair is in a shade similar to Pantone’s Coffee Quartz, a flavourful brown that is both basic and glamourous. When added to a room, it instantly transforms the room into a charismatic space. 

Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2022 Colour Palette for London Fashion Week features a variety of cheery and striking hues that are perfect for turning your space into a warm and inviting home. It is easy to draw inspiration from the colour palette, and it is a good idea to look for similar shades when shopping online for furniture

Give your home a pop of colour with Star Living, an online furniture shop in Singapore housing seven signature brands for you to choose from. Create and furnish your dream spring/summer home today.




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