Tips for Creating a Conducive Study or Work Environment at Home

Posted on15/06/2022

Whether you're currently working from home or a student who studies at home frequently, a conducive environment is critical for greater productivity and efficient work or study. In order to create the perfect environment for your productivity needs, it is important to choose the right pieces of furniture and place them in the right place within your home. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Find a good spot

Determine the best location for your study table in your home before you set up your workspace. This space should have the fewest distractions possible, but not in a corner where you will be suffocated. Avoid facing the window with your study table because it will be too easy to focus on other things besides your task. Instead, choose a space away from the television and your bed and face a wall.

2. A sturdy study table

Once you've determined where you'll study or work, you'll need to purchase a strong study table that's large enough to hold all of your belongings and sturdy enough to bear the weight of all of the books, gadgets, and stationery you'll be stacking on it. Study tables fitted with multiple drawers are great for keeping your desk space clean and tidy, as well as keeping your belongings organised. If you only need to store a few things, a simple and minimalist study table with one drawer would suffice.

3. Ergonomic chair

The ergonomics of a chair is essential for your postural health, especially if you'll be sitting at your desk for long periods of time. Good posture is good for your overall health and provides a number of advantages, including less back discomfort, more energy, reduced muscular stress, and better confidence.

Uncomfortable back pain feeling

An ergonomic chair, as opposed to non-ergonomic ones, provides the support that your neck, back, arms, thighs, and hips need. Purchasing one will allow you to sit comfortably for extended periods of time. You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive ergonomic chairs from single-product brands because online furniture shops like Star Living sell affordable ergonomic chairs with all the support your body needs.

4. Ensure ample lighting

Poor lighting on study table

We receive approximately 85% of our information through sight. Hence, the lack of proper lighting can impair the brain’s ability to receive and retain information. According to studies, students’ grades can also be improved due to proper lighting.

Both harsh and dim lighting are bad for your productivity and your eyesight. Appropriate lighting that is free of glare and shadows helps to prevent eye fatigue and headaches, keeping you comfortable even after long hours of work or study.

Set up a study lamp on your study table, a stand lamp next to your desk, or situate your desk beneath a light source to ensure adequate lighting.

5. Make it comfortable

Nobody truly enjoys working or studying, but you can make it more enjoyable by creating a comfortable environment you like. From keeping your space clean and uncluttered with a chest of drawers, to filling it with some of your favourite props, making it comfortable is the best way to ensure you stay happy while working or studying.

Place comfortable pillows, decorate with your favourite potted plants or add a scent you like to the space, these are all easy ways to create a relaxing and pleasant environment for you to work or study in. Comfort helps to minimise distractions, improve concentration and even reduces stress levels to help you stay efficient.

Do you want to create your own study or work space? Star Living Singapore has all the furniture you need for a conducive environment to boost your productivity. Find a range of study tables, affordable ergonomic chairs, chest of drawers and more here.




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