Essential Home Furniture Every House Should Have

Posted on05/05/2022

In recent years, homeowners have been paying more attention to the interior design of their home, sometimes even purchasing furniture they don’t need just for the house to look good. Whilst it is important for us to create a beautiful environment to live in, there are certain essential home furnishings that we should not leave out. In today’s article, we talk about these pieces of furniture and what you should be looking for in each piece.

1. Dining Table

Sitting down around the table for your meals, away from the distractions of any technology, simply focusing on the pleasure of eating, is extremely important for our health. When your body is placed in the right state to absorb the goodness from the foods you eat, you are more in touch with the flavours and textures of the meal, which helps prevent overeating and improves digestion.

Wooden dining tables are a great choice for your home, they are timelessly beautiful, fit into any interior, and are soothing to the eyes. Furthermore, wooden dining tables can even double up as a workstation or activity area for children or guests. Wood also reduces stress in a person and has a calming effect on your body, which is perfect for when you’re trying to relax and enjoy your meals.

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2. Dining Chairs

It is important that we sit upright during meals to prevent indigestion, bloating and heaviness. Slouching or slumping impacts our spine, joints, muscles and organs. This is why one must have proper seating furniture at home that can help us maintain a good posture while we eat. Steel or wooden dining chairs are sturdy options great for long mealtimes. 

Pay attention to the dining chair height when shopping for them. A chair that is too high will cause slouching, while a chair that is too low will make eating at the dining table very uncomfortable. Choose a chair that is comfortable for eating, allows both your feet to rest on the ground, and yet isn’t too high that your thighs are pressed against the table. If your dining table is small, opt for dining chairs without armrests. You may also wish to prioritise getting cushioned seats for more comfort. The good thing about dining chairs is that you do not have to leave them in your dining area, the chairs can be moved into different rooms for use as well.

3. Bed Frame & Mattress

Quality sleep and adequate rest are essential for improved health and increased energy the following day. Did you know that the mattress and bed frame you choose can have an impact on your sleep quality? There are various mattress types and firmness levels available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The type you select will be determined by your regular sleeping posture.

Although some people believe that they can simply lay their mattress on the floor, a wooden bed frame is necessary because it is strong and durable enough to withstand your body weight. In addition, your bed frame protects the mattress, adds support to your body, extends the life of your mattress, and improves your sleep health by allowing for better airflow and ventilation.

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4. TV console

While a TV console may appear unnecessary to some, it is essential if you do not intend to mount your television to the wall. As a rule of thumb, the centre of a 55-inch TV should be about 56 inches from the floor. This keeps it at eye level while seated, ensuring good posture while watching TV.

TV console can keep your TV off the floor and maintain it at eye level, while also adding storage space and visual interest to your living room. When selecting a TV console, look for one made of a durable and sturdy material that can safely support the weight of your TV and other essential items for extended periods of time.

5. Sofa

Good seating posture is essential for our overall health, and it does not only apply while we’re working. We have ergonomic chairs in the office, but it's also important to get a good and comfortable sofa to keep your posture even when you're lounging around or doing leisure activities. Look for sturdy sofas with a strong frame, firm cushions, and a comfortable material that is easy to maintain when shopping for a sofa.

With these tips, you can now shop for furniture you need with fresh perspectives and a better idea of what you need for a comfortable living environment. 

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