Our Top Furniture Picks for an Industrial-Style Home

Posted on02/08/2022

The industrial home interior incorporates exposed architectural elements such as pipes and bricks, raw materials such as unpolished wood, and dark, warm colours to achieve a cosy and rustic appearance. Inspired by repurposed factories and warehouses from the Industrial Revolution, this design style encompasses many characteristics found in industrial facilities at the time.

Today, this design has evolved into a cleaner style, encompassing a mishmash of highly popular design trends and aesthetics attributed in minimalist and modern interiors. If you like industrial interior design and are looking for suitable furniture to create your own version of an industrial home, here are some of our top picks to get you started.


smoke-grey l-shaped sofa

The smoke-grey fabric sofa cover, light grey trimmings and black powder-coated legs of the Lewis L-Shaped Sofa complement the industrial design. Neutral colours such as grey, white, and black are common in industrial interiors. Although they may appear dull on their own, when combined, they form the ideal foundation for raw, rustic, and repurposed elements to thrive. Additionally, because textiles are preferred in industrial design, the polyester fabric also contributes to a cosy and comfortable vibe.


Pluto-n tv sideboard

Reclaimed or natural materials, such as wooden furniture, is an excellent way to integrate nature into a metal-heavy interior. As industrial design utilises many exposed beams, pipes, and raw metals, wood adds a great deal of balance to the space, revitalising and accentuating cosiness to an otherwise rather hardy-looking home. The Pluto-N TV Sideboard with its Paladina Textured High Pressure Laminate exterior, black matte shelf, and walnut veneer with walnut stain rubber wood legs makes for the perfect addition. The rustic wood colour and darkened shelf, paired with the natural wood grains and knots, beautifies and softens any industrial interior.


Reference-N Coffee Table

The Reference-N Coffee Table could be a good addition to your industrial-style home. It boasts a sleek and clean raw dark grey powder-coated metal frame that carries the same characteristics—sombre, metallic and raw—that industrial interiors possess, wonderfully complementing other dark-coloured or wooden furniture in your home.


Onyx-n extendable dining table with sintered stone top

A black sintered stone tabletop with golden streaks, accompanied by black powder-coated legs. The Onyx-N Extendable dining Table is no doubt a beauty to behold. The legs, dominant and bold, synergise with commonly used industrial-style elements such as raw wood, metals and concrete. Beyond aesthetics, it also exhibits functionality as this extendable dining table can seat up to 8 guests for home gatherings and collapse into a smaller piece when not in use.


Ellipse dining chair

The ebony wooden structure and black cushioned seat ensemble presented by the Ellipse Dining Chair gives prominence to delicacy and gentleness that will cosy up dark industrial interiors. By furnishing your space with a few of these dining chairs and pairing them with a wooden dining table, watch as the natural wood grains and knots come together, bringing to life a strapping yet tasteful appearance.


Jotter-n 6 inches king bed

Lastly, the Jotter-N 6’ King Bed is a king size bed frame with a black walnut veneer, solid black walnut legs and a charcoal herringbone fabric. It boasts a similar design style to the ellipse dining chair and contributes to the raw yet cosy vibe found in industrial interiors.

We hope that this article has inspired you and helped you understand some of the features you should look for when shopping for industrial style furniture. Although exposed beams, dark wood, raw materials, warm colours, and other characteristics are timeless highlights in industrial design, you can also customise your industrial-style home by mixing and matching different elements and colours instead of strictly adhering to one rule.

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