Creating a Luxurious Living Space with the Right Furniture

Posted on28/06/2023

Did you know that you can easily turn any humble living space into a luxurious abode with just a few tasteful additions. That’s right, while designer furniture pieces stand out for their unique aesthetic, they can be quite pricey.

And this is why we’re going to show you how you can transform your home without breaking the bank.

Essential Furniture Choices for a Luxurious Home

Always keep in mind that interior design isn't about buying up the most expensive pieces of furniture you can find. It’s about choosing what’s right and how it complements every space.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the following furniture choices for your home.

Living Room

More than just a communal gathering space, the living room also functions as an entertainment hub and an expression of your personality.

Better still, it doesn’t take much to transform your living room into a luxurious space. If you’re looking to add a bit of lux to your living room, consider the following modern furniture pieces:

Sofa & sofa beds — One of the most used pieces of furniture, the sofa is the anchor piece of a room and sets the tone of a space. Whether it's a sleek, modern couch or a cosy, upholstered loveseat, your choice of sofa can transform an ordinary living room into a stylish, inviting space.

Coffee tables — Coffee tables enhance or complete the exclusive, luxurious aesthetic of any space. When combined with a few choice items like houseplants and books, you’ll be surprised by how much a coffee table can change space. Plus with today’s modern furniture designs, you can easily find one that’s a perfect fit for you.

TV Sideboards & Consoles — Often overlooked, these TV sideboards and consoles play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a space. Whether you prefer a minimalist modern design or a vintage-inspired piece, a tastefully chosen sideboard or console can seamlessly enhance your living room's overall appeal.


As the most intimate space in the home, your bedroom should be a luxurious retreat from the pressures of a high-paced life. It also benefits immensely from a few choice additions, such as:

Bed frames — As the central feature of any bedroom, the bed frame is the largest and probably most important addition. Whether you prefer a minimalistic platform bed or a grand, upholstered headboard, the bed frame you choose sets the tone for your bedroom's overall aesthetic.

Nightstands — The underrated nightstand works to tie together your bedroom's design while providing practical storage. From sleek modern designs to ornate vintage styles, the right nightstand can add an extra touch of sophistication.

Dressers — As functional as they are stylish, dressers offer ample storage space while contributing to the room's design. Choose a dresser that complements your bed frame and nightstand to create a cohesive and luxurious bedroom aesthetic.

Seating — Additional seating in a bedroom, like a classy bench at the foot of your bed or a comfortable reading chair, can introduce another layer of luxury. Besides adding depth and character to your bedroom space, it’s also a great alternative resting spot.

The Dining Area

A luxurious dining area provides family and friends with a comfortable space to gather for meals and memorable conversations. To build a warm and inviting atmosphere, consider the following modern furniture examples:

Dining Tables — As the centrepiece of any dining area, the dining table holds significant sway over the room's ambiance and style. A marble dining table, for instance, exudes a timeless elegance and sophistication that's hard to surpass. The marble's natural patterns add a unique character to each table, making your dining table a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Dining Chairs — Equally important in defining the look and comfort of your dining space are the dining chairs. From sleek modern designs to more classic upholstered seats, the right dining chairs complement your table, enhance comfort, and set the mood for your meals. When shopping around, make sure to take into account both aesthetic appeal and ergonomics.

What to look for when shopping for furniture

Better quality materials

A common misconception in Singapore is that mass-produced furniture is of lesser quality than its designer counterparts which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many pieces are crafted from top-notch materials like hardwood, genuine leather, high-end fabric, and marble.

All of which enhances their durability and appeal which contributes to a space’s luxury aesthetic while allowing them to compete with premium examples.

So even though they might come with a higher price tag, these modern furniture pieces are built to last, ensuring that you get your money's worth.

Top Craftsmanship

While designer furniture often stands out for its exquisite craftsmanship, it's important to note that mass-produced pieces can also offer impressive construction quality. Although they are crafted in large quantities, this doesn’t mean that the manufacturing process lacks skill or precision.

For one, Experienced craftsmen, employing automated machinery ensure that each piece is put together flawlessly, resulting in a well-constructed item. Plus, the use of high-quality materials can lend each piece a unique character and superior durability, making mass-produced furniture a noteworthy competitor in the world of interior decor.

Unique Appearance

Don’t let the name fool you, mass-produced furniture does in fact have its distinct style and personality. Given how competitive the furniture industry is, manufacturers have begun infusing unique aesthetic elements into their products to stand out from the crowd.

Because of this, many pieces often incorporate contemporary trends, innovative ideas, or fresh interpretations of traditional styles.

The result is a collection of furniture that has the potential to stand out for its style. This makes mass-produced furniture an attractive alternative for those seeking style and character without the higher price tag of designer furniture.

Essential Tips & Tricks

When curating furniture for your home, it’s also important to keep the following in mind:

Understand your space

The secret to creating a luxurious and functional living space begins with understanding your room's dimensions and your lifestyle requirements. Whether you're furnishing a sprawling living area or a compact studio apartment, the key is to pick pieces that blend in with your surroundings.

For instance, multifunctional furniture like a storage ottoman or an extendable dining table can be a godsend for smaller spaces, not just adding a touch of style but also maximising the utility of the available area.

Shop online

Thanks to the advent of digital technology, shopping for furniture has never been easier or more convenient. Online platforms offer a wider array of choices compared to brick-and-mortar stores, enabling you to find the perfect pieces to match your style and budget.

And in Singapore, many online furniture retailers provide delivery services. This saves you the hassle of arranging transport for your purchases and minimises the risk of damage or injury.

Have an aesthetic philosophy and keep to it

The key to creating a luxurious space is maintaining a consistent theme. This cohesion lends an air of professionalism and intentionality to your decor, making it appear as if it was planned by an interior designer.

At Star Living, we know what it takes to build the ideal luxury home. From sofa sets to exquisite bedroom pieces, you can count on us to have it all. Interested in any of our products? Feel free to reach out to us at any time, and explore our extensive repertoire of furniture.




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